6 Delicious Hamburgers which satisfies even US Armys in Okinawa!

Okinawan  hamburger

When we think of Okinawa, we think of endless summer seas, *1 Okinawan lion statues, and 2* bitter melons. But did you know that Okinawa is actually famous for hamburgers?

Because there are US military bases in Okinawa, the streets are bustling with Americans.
There are reflections of American culture wherever you go; even the majority of clothes and miscellaneous goods stores tend to be related to North America.

With that in mind, Okinawa has some delectable hamburger shops that Americans rave about. Let us introduce some hamburger shops that bustle with American!

*1 A lion talisman, for protection against evil. It is often seen in Okinawa, on rooftops, for example.
*2 A long green vegetable; its distinguishing characteristic is its bitter taste.
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How to enjoy sightseeing in Taketomi Island – where you can feel Okinawa Time

image of Taketomi island

The Yaeyama Islands are known for having one of the best coral reefs in Japan. These seven islands are packed full with real Okinawan charm.

Taketomi Island, one of Yaeyama’s seven islands, is far removed from the bustle of everyday life and is a place where time itself seems to slow down.

Besides being known for its beautiful ocean landscape, Taketomi Island is also known for maintaining its unique cultural traditions. You will surely be moved by its incredible scenery.

Here we will introduce various places to go, eat, and stay on Taketomi Island in a detail. Come fall under its spell!

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Okinawa- Kouri Island Perfect Guide!

Do you know what kind of place the “Kouri Island” is? In fact, Kouri Island is famous for the most beautiful seas in Okinawa.

For your full enjoyment in Kouri Island, we introduce highly recommended places such as beaches, hotels, and cafés that we have carefully selected!

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10 resort hotels with amazing pool in Okinawa! – good for family with children –

ラグナガーデンホテルIf you choose the resort hotel, your priority will be “pool”.

You can choose your desired hotels like “for kids” and “available only for pool in use” from various selections in Okinawa Main Island.

This article will introduce 10 popular resort hotels which enriches pool facility. Please enjoy summer in Okinawa in pool!

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Taste the “Okinawa”! 8 recommended lunch places in Okinawa Main Island

沖縄のランチたち Now that we’ve come to Okinawa, we want to fully enjoy our lunch in between seeing the sights!
For those people, we will introduce several lunches that are unique to Okinawa and have fantastic characteristics.

While driving, you can have lunch at a café with a perfect view overlooking the sea.
You can fill yourself up with local ingredients on Kokusai Street.
We have carefully selected six unique restaurants on Okinawa Island.
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Okinawa summer time! Recommended Place and what to do in July!


In July, Okinawa tourist season will be coming with strong sunshine.
You may wonder how to travel Okinawa during the tourist season.

This article will cover “the selected spot” which you can enjoy Okinawa in July.
The spot includes “Okinawa mail Island”, “Ishigaki Island”, “Miyako Island” and other isolated islands.

The information will help you understand what to do in Okinawa during the tourist season.

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Guide: How to fully enjoy Araha Beach (Chatan-cho)!

Araha beach photo

Araha Beach is located in Chatan-cho, in the center of the Okinawa main island, along the Western coast. It is a resort town with many foreign residents, and plenty of facilities in the nearby area!

Here, we would like to tell you about the unique features of a beach in the city, which is different from a typical lesser-known beach.
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