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Raise your luck with cute protective charms! A matchmaking pilgrimage to Okinawa’s history-rich Shrines!

沖縄 神社

With its beautiful azure sea and its abundant nature, it goes without saying that Okinawa is a treasure trove for spiritual power-spots. Since you are going to Okinawa anyway, there is simply no reason you should not power-up during your travels!

On this occasion we have carefully selected shrines known for blessing people with marriages, children and safe births. We will also introduce many cute and adorable protective charms recommended for the remembrance of girls-only trips and solo travels!

Loved by the locals and visited nonstop by those from outside of the prefecture, why not pray for an increase of luck in shrines that are filled with rich and interesting history?

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Basic Information When You Do Car Rental in Naha Area!


The most common mode of transportation when traveling around Okinawa is the rental car.

But it isn’t always clear how and where to rent.
We will recommend some rental car companies and give you some advice on how to get the most for your money.

This is a must-read for a sensible, smooth vacation!

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10 Great Okinawan Souvenirs to Buy at Naha Airport

Naha Airport
For the first-time visitor to Okinawa, the more than 50 stores at Naha Aiport can present a bewildering array of choices.

Here, we will introduce the standard gifts that are best suited for first-time visitors. To help you find them, we have also included the name of the store where each product is available.
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