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Miyakojima Island’s Scenic Snorkeling Spot Yabiji: Attractions and Ways of Enjoying them!


When talking about the seas of Miyako Island, it conjures up images of high-transparency water and a rich variety of maritime life; an internationally famous snorkeling and diving spot, known for its unique underwater topography.
On top of that, [Yabiji] boasts the honor of having “Japan’s Great Barrier Reef”, the largest coral reef to be found within the country.

On this occasion, we will introduce Yabiji’s attractions and ways of enjoying them.
As this will tackle questions such as “We’ve heard about Yabiji, but what kind of place is it?” and “How can we reach it?”, please feel free to use this as a sort of referral.
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Okinawa’s hidden charms! Let us show you how to enjoy the Ocean Expo Park! 【Updated 2018 】

Okinawa Ocean Expo Park Image

Photo courtesy of Ocean Expo Park

“Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium” the prefecture’s leading tourist attraction can be found in the Ocean Expo Park. It is a must see on your travels to Okinawa, but did you know that there are other places to enjoy besides the aquarium?​ ​

In fact, it would be unfortunate to only see the aquarium, as the park is filled with other attractions to see.

So we would like to tell you about the Ocean Expo Park which can be enjoyed all year round. We will inform you of all that there is to see and do, including how to access the park etc. We want to fill you in on what makes the Ocean Expo Park so special.
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Sesoko Island ~Fascinating Remote Island which is accessible from Naha!


One of the appeals of Okinawa’s main island is that you can travel between islands by car.

Prominent among these is Sesoko Island, for the clearness of the water and the whiteness of its beaches.

We are going to go over plenty of information about the marine sports, activities, and cafes you can enjoy in Sesoko Island, as well as how to get around and access these locations.

With such gorgeous scenery and clear water, you won’t want to wait to visit!

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Okinawa- Kouri Island Perfect Guide!

Do you know what kind of place the “Kouri Island” is? In fact, Kouri Island is famous for the most beautiful seas in Okinawa.

For your full enjoyment in Kouri Island, we introduce highly recommended places such as beaches, hotels, and cafés that we have carefully selected!

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“CHURAUMI AQUARIUM” Family Vacation Report

churaumi aquarium imagephotoThe ”Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium” is a regular sightseeing spot for visitors to Okinawa.

As the mother of two children, I planned this trip because I wanted to show my children one of the largest-scale aquariums in the world!

This article includes my impressions, the amount of time required inside the aquarium, the exhibits that my children found particularly interesting, and a compilation of must-see attractions.

I’ll also introduce resting and eating locations for those with small children, and talk about the degree of congestion in the facility.
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Churaumi Aquarium Access (Rental car or bus)

Bustour for sightseeing at Okinawa
Churaumi Aquarium, the classic tourist spot that almost any traveler to Okinawa visits!

Churaumi Aquarium is extremely famous, but is in fact located about two hours (90km) away from the prefectural capital Naha City.
In this article, we will introduce people who visit for the first time how to go by rental car or bus.
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