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Take a warm dip in Okinawa! Top 5 onsens for hot spring fans ♪

Okinawa hot spring spot

Whether it’s freezing cold or blazing hot, it’s always weather for Japanese onsen, or hot springs.
Even in the balmy Okinawa Prefecture and its remote islands, there are plenty of onsen to visit!

To think that Okinawa isn’t just home to scenic locales and a beautiful ocean but also warm hot springs… it’d be a waste to head home without visiting at least once!
You might think we’re full of it, saying the words “southern island” and “hot springs” in the same sentence, but these baths drawn from the deep Okinawan sea are just as soothing and satisfying as anywhere else.

As such, this time we’d like to introduce you to 5 all-natural onsen found on Okinawa’s main island.
Of the many locations in Okinawa, these are the top five that’ll make you want to scream “Let’s go there right now!” Feel free to use it as a reference for your Okinawa trip!

* Please note that all of this information is accurate as of November 2017. For more detailed information, please visit the onsen’s official webpage (may be in Japanese only).

1. Ryukyu Onsen Ryujin-no-yu (Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel)
2. Mie Castle Onsen Uminchu-no-Yu, Shimanchu-no-Yu (Loisir Hotel & Spa Tower Naha)
3. Terme VILLA Chura-yu (The Beach Tower Okinawa)
4. Jurassic Onsen Churaumi-no-yu (Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa)
5. [Closed] Natural Bath Aroma – Naha location

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Appealing Point of Minna Island ~Suprising Beautiful Ocean~


Minna Island is an isolated island popular for its convenient access from the Northern Okinawa main island.

Would you like to enjoy swimming in the ocean and other ocean activities in a surprisingly beautiful ocean?
Here, we will be introducing this beautiful isolated island, Minna Island.

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Summary of All the 13 Airports in Okinawa!


Did you know that there are 13 airports (excluding US military facilities) in Okinawa including airports on remote islands?

If you are planning to visit one of these remote islands, you should know about the airports there.

So, today, we will introduce all the airports in Okinawa!

Some remote islands can be accessed by air and ocean while some can only be reached by air or ocean.We will cover them as well!

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Sesoko Island ~Fascinating Remote Island which is accessible from Naha!


One of the appeals of Okinawa’s main island is that you can travel between islands by car.

Prominent among these is Sesoko Island, for the clearness of the water and the whiteness of its beaches.

We are going to go over plenty of information about the marine sports, activities, and cafes you can enjoy in Sesoko Island, as well as how to get around and access these locations.

With such gorgeous scenery and clear water, you won’t want to wait to visit!

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Appealing things to do in Okinawa! ~Diving in Ishigaki Island~

diving at Ishigagki island

We all want to dive into the underwater world, at least once. The fishes living in nature, the stunning coral reefs, the white sand, the topographical features—the underwater world is truly a beautiful and mysterious place.

Even those without a license can peek into the underwater world through trial diving lessons.

Get ready to be introduced to the charm of diving in Ishigaki Island. Wouldn’t you like to experience the fun of diving in a tropical island, at least once?

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Murasaki Mura Visit Report

MurasakimuraのseesaafactoryWhat can I do at ‘Murasaki Mura?’ Budget? Required time??

… We visited in person to answer those questions! Read more

“CHURAUMI AQUARIUM” Family Vacation Report

churaumi aquarium imagephotoThe ”Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium” is a regular sightseeing spot for visitors to Okinawa.

As the mother of two children, I planned this trip because I wanted to show my children one of the largest-scale aquariums in the world!

This article includes my impressions, the amount of time required inside the aquarium, the exhibits that my children found particularly interesting, and a compilation of must-see attractions.

I’ll also introduce resting and eating locations for those with small children, and talk about the degree of congestion in the facility.
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Let A Travel Agent Tell You: How to Have Fun in the Kerama Islands!

kemara beach
What are the Kerama Islands like? What is there to do? How do you get there?
This page provides answers to these questions and more from a travel agent that has many years of experience traveling in Okinawa.

From basic info about the Kerama Islands, the best beaches, diving spots and other must-see attractions, to how to get there and recommended lodging. An indispensable reference if you are thinking about visiting the Kerama Islands!
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The “Blue Cave” of Okinawa! A complete explanation of the popular marine spot

okinawan blue cave The most famous snorkeling and diving spot on the main island of Okinawa is the Blue Cave. It is covered completely in blue light and radiates a wondrous atmosphere.

The fish of the Blue Cave are used to people, and will make you happy when they come up close to you. Now, without delay we will introduce the ways you can enjoy the mysterious experience in the wonder that is the Blue Cave!
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12 Popular Beaches on Okinawa’s Main Island


Okinawa’s main island has around 130 recognized beaches. Each beach has its own personality; beaches with exceptional water quality, beaches that are safe for children to play in, and untouched beaches. In this article, we will feature 12 distinct beaches from each category. Find your favorite beach and enjoy it in your style!
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