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Sightseeing&Eat&Stay! The Attractive Points of Kohama Islands


Kohama Island is located nearly at the center of Yaeyama Islands.
Taketomi and Iriomote Islands are amazing, but doesn’t “Kohama Island,” which became famous after the morning drama series, also seem interesting?

Here, we talk about the attractions on Kohama Island.
Let’s seek some healing effects on Kohama Island with vast and serene field of sugarcanes.
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What is the “King Tacos” which is loved by Okinawan?

2014-12-05 14.09.40

“Taco rice” is a representative dish of Okinawan “B-class gourmet,” cuisine that is delicious and inexpensive. If you’re going to try taco rice, wouldn’t you like to eat delicious taco rice?

Today, we will introduce the “royal road” that cannot be missed by any means of taco rice, which is loved by Okinawans.

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Perfect Guide for Enjoying Miyakosoba ~Miyakosoba Eating Tours in Okinawa~


A characteristic of Miyako soba is the toppings are placed under the noodles rather than on top.
This time, we would like to introduce you to some carefully selected and delicious Miyako soba restaurants on Miyako island and on Okinawa’s main island.

We will explain the difference between Miyako soba and Okinawa soba.
We have collected some useful information on Miyako soba.

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Best Five Breathtaking-view Oceans and Ocean-view Cafes!


Okinawa is synonymous with the sea.

It’s said that the reason why Okinawa’s seas shine a pretty emerald blue is because the white sand that coral reefs make reflects the sunlight and ocean currents, starting with the Kuroshio, wash away contamination.

Even knowing that Okinawa’s seas are beautiful, there are lots of people who worry themselves about which places have spectacular ocean views.

For such people, we’re going to introduce five spots with spectacular ocean views, as well as five cafés where you can enjoy the sea.

We’d be glad if you made this article a reference for enjoying Okinawa’s seas even more.

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6 Delicious Hamburgers which satisfies even US Armys in Okinawa!

Okinawan  hamburger

When we think of Okinawa, we think of endless summer seas, *1 Okinawan lion statues, and 2* bitter melons. But did you know that Okinawa is actually famous for hamburgers?

Because there are US military bases in Okinawa, the streets are bustling with Americans.
There are reflections of American culture wherever you go; even the majority of clothes and miscellaneous goods stores tend to be related to North America.

With that in mind, Okinawa has some delectable hamburger shops that Americans rave about. Let us introduce some hamburger shops that bustle with American!

*1 A lion talisman, for protection against evil. It is often seen in Okinawa, on rooftops, for example.
*2 A long green vegetable; its distinguishing characteristic is its bitter taste.
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Taste the “Okinawa”! 8 recommended lunch places in Okinawa Main Island

沖縄のランチたち Now that we’ve come to Okinawa, we want to fully enjoy our lunch in between seeing the sights!
For those people, we will introduce several lunches that are unique to Okinawa and have fantastic characteristics.

While driving, you can have lunch at a café with a perfect view overlooking the sea.
You can fill yourself up with local ingredients on Kokusai Street.
We have carefully selected six unique restaurants on Okinawa Island.
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10 Cafés You Must Try in Okinawa|Recommended by Frequent Okinawa Visitors!

okinawa cafe Speaking of Okinawa, I definitely think of the shiny ocean, the steady breeze, and nostalgic scenery!

It’d be the best vacation if you could enjoy aromatic coffee and mouth-watering cake with such scenery, wouldn’t it?

To make that happen, I planned a trip to Okinawa to exclusively visit cafés. I got frequent Okinawa visitors, who go to Okinawa almost every year, to share their recommended cafés with me.

On this page, I’m sharing my thoughts from having actually gone to try the cafés. I’m going to show you the cafés in three categories; “cafés with spectacular ocean views”, “local menus”, and “distinct Okinawa buildings”.
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