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Sightseeing&Eat&Stay! The Attractive Points of Kohama Islands


Kohama Island is located nearly at the center of Yaeyama Islands.
Taketomi and Iriomote Islands are amazing, but doesn’t “Kohama Island,” which became famous after the morning drama series, also seem interesting?

Here, we talk about the attractions on Kohama Island.
Let’s seek some healing effects on Kohama Island with vast and serene field of sugarcanes.
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How to fully spend the relaxing time in Aka Island


In March 2014, Okinawa’s ‘Kerama Islands’ were designated as a national park.

The sea around the Kerama Islands is popularly known as ‘Kerama Blue’ because of the many gradients of blue that can be seen in the sea. It is one of the most beautiful seascapes in Okinawa.

Enchanted by ‘Kerama Blue’, many tourists from around the world come to visit the area.

This time we will introduce one of the Kerama Islands called ‘Aka Island’.

Aka Island has it all – from stunning beaches to delicious food and bars with great cocktails.

Please check our model course that will make the most of your time on the island!

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Satisfaction Ranking Top Eight! – Luxury Hotels in Okinawa


For trips to Okinawa, don’t we all want to stay in a luxurious hotel just once?

It is a moment of pure bliss to be able to enjoy Okinawa’s beautiful ocean, and the easy-paced life of the southern islands in a luxury hotel.

As we introduce eight of the best hotels in Okinawa, we will be ranking them in terms of guest satisfaction based on reviews and pricing.
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10 resort hotels with amazing pool in Okinawa! – good for family with children –

ラグナガーデンホテルIf you choose the resort hotel, your priority will be “pool”.

You can choose your desired hotels like “for kids” and “available only for pool in use” from various selections in Okinawa Main Island.

This article will introduce 10 popular resort hotels which enriches pool facility. Please enjoy summer in Okinawa in pool!

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Report on my experience staying at Senagajima Hotel

Senaga island image Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel has several selling points.

  • You can enjoy views of the ocean and airport
  • There is a natural hot spring which is rare in Okinawa
  • It is near Naha Airport and Kokusai-dori street
  • The hotel has not been open long and is sparkling clean

One wants to know whether all of these points live up to expectations. I went and actually stayed at the hotel and checked every nook and cranny to bring you the information.
I will bring you all the details, starting with the parts that lived up to expectations, before going on to the not-so-good parts!Read more

Let A Travel Agent Tell You: How to Have Fun in the Kerama Islands!

kemara beach
What are the Kerama Islands like? What is there to do? How do you get there?
This page provides answers to these questions and more from a travel agent that has many years of experience traveling in Okinawa.

From basic info about the Kerama Islands, the best beaches, diving spots and other must-see attractions, to how to get there and recommended lodging. An indispensable reference if you are thinking about visiting the Kerama Islands!
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