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Experience of making Benimo Sweet Potato Tart in Okashigoten Onnason Store!

Okashi-Goten 門

“Benimo Sweet Potato Tart” is a souvenir staple from Okinawa.

The Benimo Sweet Potato Tart is made by “Okashi Goten” Sweets Palace, the original store known for sweet potato confections.

This store is frequented with people who visit during their trip to Okinawa.

We’ve got a bonus tidbit of information, that “There’s a rare, exclusive experience available only at the Onna store branch of Okashi-Goten.

To see if this is true, we’re going undercover to check out the Okashi-Goten Onna store.

What type of exclusive experience could there be at such an already well-known place?! Let’s go and check it out!

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