10 resort hotels with amazing pool in Okinawa! – good for family with children –


Publication date: 2016/05/27


ラグナガーデンホテルIf you choose the resort hotel, your priority will be “pool”.

You can choose your desired hotels like “for kids” and “available only for pool in use” from various selections in Okinawa Main Island.

This article will introduce 10 popular resort hotels which enriches pool facility. Please enjoy summer in Okinawa in pool!


3 recommended points!
・Exotic concept including fresh greenish nature is amazing!
・Enjoy the water slider and Jacuzzi inside pool with whole family members!
・Easily hang out at night because of accessible location to Naha!



This hotel has a high customer’s satisfaction by its tropical atmosphere and well-organized service.

It meets your expectations because of abundant facility for children and luxury atmosphere.



After enjoying your time in the pool, you can take a rest in the deck chair located in the pool side.

Don’t you spend “luxury” time in this hotel meaningfully?



This indoor facility can be used if you pay additional fee.


<Facility Information>
Address: Mashiki 4-1-1 Ginowan, Okinawa 901-2224 Japan
*Pool Opening Hours:indoor pool 8:00~23:00・outdoor pool 08:00~19:00
(Pool opens from the late of April to October)
*Accommodation Fee: Free for hotel guests
(For visitors, you should pay Adult JPN 3,780 YEN (≒USD 34.36) ・ Children JPN 2,160YEN(≒USD 19.63))
*Visitor’s Pool Usage : YES
*Wi-Fi : Available in the room and lobby
*English speakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
※Available facility for visitors within accommodation fee:indoor pool, outdoor pool, large public bath, sauna and fitness room

2.The Beach Tower Okinawa

3 recommended points!
・First natural Onsen healing pool in Okinawa Main Island!
・Panorama view of East China Sea from shallow pool and Jacuzzi!
・Easy access American Village, and enjoy gourmet and shopping there!


Tyura-yu (Onsen and Pool), which is next to the hotel has a yearly outside Onsen pool.

This natural hot spring healing pool is a first-made natural Onsen pool in Okinawa Main Island!



You can enjoy various kinds of pool there depending on your situation ; multi-purpose pool, shallow pool (for children) and Jacuzzi which illuminates at night.


<Facility Information>
The Beach Tower Okinawa
Address: Mihama 8-6 Nakagamigun Chatancho, Okinawa 904-0115 Japan
*Pool Opening Hours:10:00~22:00
Bath : 7:00~23:00(last entrance 22:00)
Outdoor Facility: 10:00~22:00
*Pool accommodation Fee:Free for Guests
*Visitor’s Pool Usage:YES
(Weekdays/Adults JPN 1,200 YEN(≒USD 10.91)・Children (Age 4 to age 11 )JPN 800 YEN (≒USD 7.27)・Infant(Age 1 to age 3)JPN 300 YEN (≒USD 2.73))
(Saturdays・Sundays・National Holidays/Adult JPN 1,500 YEN (≒USD 13.64) ・Children (Age 4 to age 11)JPN 800 YEN(≒USD 7.27)
*Wi-Fi : Available in all the hotel facilities
*English and Chinese speakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
※Senior (Over 65):JPN 1,100 YEN(≒USD 10.0) in ANY DAYS
※disabled people:Adult JPN 800 YEN (≒USD 7.27) ・JPN 600 YEN (≒USD 5.46)



3.Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort

3 recommended points!
・Large scale of pool (600㎡) is available!
・Tons of ocean activity in the hotel!
・Various ways to enjoy because the location is adjacent to the American Village!



Hilton Group built this upscale hotel in Okinawa resort in July 2014, and this hotel is next to Mihama Town Resort・The American village.



This hotel is well-known for worldwide, and you can spend a dreamy atmosphere for its high quality and service in Okinawa Resort.



As for a pool, you can fully enjoy the indoor hothouse pool, luxury cascade pool and lagoon pool which attached two thrilling slide coaster there!



It is also attractive for guests to enjoy the tons of ocean activity for your stay!
You can make a reservation for trial diving, snorkeling and fishing etc… without finding any ocean activity shop! Let’s make your stay more fruitful and comfortable by ocean activity!


<Facility Information>
Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort
Address:Mihama 40-1 Nakagamigun Chatancho, Okinawa 904-0115 Japan
*Pool Opening Hours:Lagoon pool ・Cascade pool / Summer Terms (April 1st ~ October 31st )
※This includes the pool side bar.
8:00 ~ until the sunset (depends on season)
・indoor hothouse pool / Year around 8:00 ~ 22:00
*Pool accommodation Fee:free for guests
*Visitor’s Pool Usage : NO
*Wi-Fi : free charge for Hilton honors worldwide (if they directly booked from the Hilton webpage)
JPN 500 YEN (≒USD 4.64) charge per day up to 3 devices for Non-members
*Every guests can use the free Wi-fi in the lobby and the restaurant.
*English, Korean and Chinese speakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
※Water depth in Lagoon Pool /For adults : 1 m (≒3.2 ft)・For children : 0 to 40 cm (≒0 to 1.3 ft)・For baby: 10 cm (≒0.3 ft)
※Water depth in Cascade Pool /For adults : 1 m 20 cm (≒3.9 ft )
※Water depth in indoor hothouse pool / For adults : 1 m 20 cm (≒3.9 ft )


3 recommended points!
・Extraordinary time in garden pool surrounded by greenly plants
・Higher-Grade Hospitality as a *premium guest (staying more than 3 days in a row)
・Okinawan-style spa – uses turmeric and hibiscus



COCO GARDEN RESORT is highly recommended if you are planning to stay in Okinawa more than 3 days in a row.



You can relax comfortably by doing yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. Coco spa gives you the moment of bliss with the treatment from turmeric and hibiscus.

This hotel can feel the five senses such as afternoon tea in pool side, Okinawan music and picture book made in Okinawa.



When you enter the pool, you can listen to healing music inside the water! – This is a really detail service.

*You can take a hospitality “Club Coco” which includes free lunch service etc… if you stay more than 3 days in a row (due to the summer season, July 18th to August 31st is more than 4 days stay in a row)


<Facility Information>
Address:Ishikawaiha 501 Uruma, Okinawa 904-1115 Japan
*Pool Opening Hours:9:00〜22:00
*Pool accommodation Fee:Free for guests
*Visitor’s Pool Usage:No
*Wi-fi : Available in all the hotel facilities
*English speakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
※Mineral water service is available as a refreshment at pool side.
※the hotel serves fresh cut fruits for free in the morning and afternoon one time each. (Both services are limited in the summer term.)

5.Renaissance Resort Okinawa

3 recommended points!
・Play fully 3 water slider in and outside!
・Very popular dolphin program which you can meet them
・Various job experience program and kid menu in the restaurant



The kids will be pleased the most among the resort hotel in Okinawa. This resort hotel is highly recommended for family.


ルネッサンスリゾート イルカ

You can fully enjoy playing in the sea and pool such as dolphin program, nature field program, inside and outside pool and water slider.


ルネッサンスリゾート 海賊船

Kids can enjoy these activities; “treasure hunting” (they ride pirates-ship and find a treasure) and “kumanomikko” (job experience in the hotel).


<Facility Information>
Renaissance Resort Okinawa
Address:Yamada 3425-2 Kunigamigun Onnason, Okinawa 904-0416 Japan
*Outdoors Pool Opening Hours/April 26th to July 20th:9:00~18:00・July 21st to September 15th:8:00~21:00・September 16th to October 31st:9:00~18:00
*Indoor Pool Opening Hours/9:00~22:00
*Pool accommodation Fee:free for guests (※part of the pool activity will be charged)
*Visitor’s Pool Usage:YES
(Adult JPN 3,240 YEN (≒USD 29.46)・Children JPN 2,160 YEN(≒USD 19.64))※Fee for accommodation usage
*Wi-Fi : Available in all the hotel facilities
*English, Chinese and French speakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
Pool Information
※Pool Dimension
longest point : 47m(≒154.1 ft) / width : 22.5m(≒73.8ft) / depth : 1~1.5m(average 1.2m)(≒3.2ft to 4.9 ft – average is 3.9 ft)/ depth of children pool / 50cm(≒1.6 ft)
※pool Dimension
longest point : 20.5m(≒67.2 ft) / width : 6m(≒19.6 ft) / depth: 1.2m (≒3.9 ft)/ depth of children pool / 50cm(≒1.6 ft)

6.Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort

3 recommended points!
・Main pool – integrated feeling in pool and sea!
・Rare Bubble Hill pool – like a water park!
・private space is available for children at the pool side!



In Hotel Monterey, you can play with “wave pool” which is limited in Okinawa. It’s really safe, and you can feel the waving.

Multi-purpose organized main pool makes you feel integrated feeling in pool and sea.



Small children can use the slider pool for kids 【height : about 4.2m(≒13.7ft)】 because it is shallow 【about 60cm(≒1.9ft)】.



The rare pool is available – “Bubble Hill Pool”. Children will be so excited to the waterfalls and dome-shaped slide made in soft ingredient.



The picture shows inside pool “Blue Leaf”


<Facility Information>
Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort
Address:Fuchaku 1550 Kunigamigun Onnason, Okinawa 904-0413 Japan
*Pool Opening Hours:9:00~18:00 (April to October )
*Pool accommodation Fee: Free for guests(You will be charged at indoor pool “Blue Leaf”)
*Visitor’s Pool Usage:YES
(Sunset Garden/ Above Age 16 : JPN 5,000 YEN(≒USD 45.44)・Age 7 to age 15 : JPN 3,500 YEN(≒USD 31.81)・Above age 3 : JPN 2,500 YEN(≒USD 22.72))
*Wi-fi : Available in all the hotel facilities
*English and Taiwanese speakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
※Blue Leaf is available for visitors.(indoor pool, natural Onsen, gym)
(Opening Hours:bath 6:00~24:00(L.R.23:00)/ pool ・gym 9:00~21:00)
(Hotel guest fee:one-day free pass/ Above Age 16 JPN 1,500 YEN (≒USD 13.63)・Age 7 to age 15 JPN 750 YEN (≒USD 6.82)・Under 7 Free)
↑Free-pass expires till midnight
(Hotel guest fee:one-day free pass/ Above Age 16 JPN 3,000 YEN (≒USD 27.26)・Age 7 to age 15 JPN 1500 YEN (≒USD 13.63)・Under 7 Free)
↑Free-pass expires till closing hours
※Kavana has time limit.(9:00~13:30 or 13:30~18:00)
※Children under the elementary school or height 130cm (≒4.2ft) shouldgo with their parents when going to bubble hill pool.


3 recommended points!
・Thoughtful for children : water depth 30 cm (≒0.9ft) pool is available!
・Large scale of water slider 【8m (≒26.2ft)】 in the beach land (limited in summer term)
・You can play beach valley, beach soccer and tennis!!



In SUNMARINA-HOTEL, all of the hotel rooms are ocean view. You can fully enjoy viewing the East China Sea from there.

It offers entertaining facility which makes all guest’s stay fruitful.



The contrast between green lawn and white tile feels like resort atmosphere the pool next to the beach.



There are spiral water slider and children pool 【water depth 30cm (≒0.9ft)】 is available, so the whole family member can enjoy playing the pool as they want.

You can also play sports like tennis, beach valley and soccer before going to the beach.


<Facility Information>
Address:Fuchaku 66-1 Kunigamigun Onnason, Okinawa 904-0413 Japan 1
*Pool Opening Hours :
April 1st to June 30th : 8:30~17:30
July 1st to August 31st:8:30~18:00
September 1st to October 31st:8:30~17:30
*Pool accommodation Fee:Free for Guests
*Visitor’s Pool Usage:YES
(Adult JPN 1,080 YEN(≒USD 9.81)・Children JPN 540 YEN(≒USD 4.91))
*Wi-fi : Available in all the hotel facilities
*English speakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
※Reservation: Beach Play Counter (098-965-2514(Extension. 152))
※Water slider is available for those who are above 130cm(≒4.2ft)

8.Rizzan Sea Park Hotel Tancha-Bay

3 recommended points!
・Aqua ball is very popular in inside pool!
・full-equipment such as children rowing boat!
・Enjoy the plaything within the beach swimming area!



It is full of excitement like pool, beach and plaything in Rizzan Sea Park Hotel Tancha-Bay which is well-known for large scale resort hotel.



In the Rainbow pool, the atmosphere between jungles greenly space and waterfall catches children’s heart.



You will get excited by white sandy beach in front of you! The lighted-up pool at night is really mysterious.

The good point is pool is available till late night in the summer term.



The Okinawa sun shine from the big skylight produces the open feeling in large indoor pool.

Please stay and enjoy your time of you have any chance!


<Facility Information>
Rizzan Sea Park Hotel Tancha-Bay
Address:Tancha 1496 Kunigamigun Onnason, Okinawa 904-0412
*Pool Opening Hours:April 24th to June 18th ・October 12th to October 31st 9:00~18:00
June 19th to July 17th ・September 1st to October 11th 9:00~21:00
July 18th to August 31st 9:00~22:00
*Pool accommodation Fee:Free for Guests
*Visitor’s Pool Usage:NO
*Wi-fi: Available in guest room and lobby
*English, Korean and Chinese speakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
※Marine and Activity: April 22nd to October 31st (Year 2016)
※Children pool is available inside the facility and you can rent life-jacket and floating ring.

9.Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa

3 recommended points!
・Dynamic scale of long water slider 【47.5m(≒155.8ft)】!
・Seven choices of water depth 【0.6m~2.5m(≒1.9 to 8.2ft)】!
・Abundant kids program such as craft experiences!



The total of Marriott hotel brand is above 3,800 in worldwide.

This major hotel first came to Okinawa about 10 years ago.

They have been welcoming each customers by warm hospitality and high quality service since then.



You will be amazed how circularity the Marriot pool facility has.

There are lots of well-hospitalized items such as long water slider 【47.5m(≒155.8ft)】 and water slide for kids who can’t use the water slider.



Everyone (from children to adult) can spend the great time by countless plaything throughout the pool.



Let’s make some great memories with Marriott special program!


<Facility Information>
Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa
Address:Kise 1490-1Nago, Okinawa 905-0026 Japan
*Pool Opening Hours:
From May to October:
・May 6th to June 14th : 9:00~18:00
・June 15th to September 30th : 8:00~22:00
・October 1st to October 31st : 9:00~18:00
*Pool accommodation Fee:Free for Guests(Part of activity will be charged)
*Visitor’s Pool Usage:YES
(Visitors:•Adults(above age 13)JPN 3,000 YEN (≒USD 27.25)・Children (above age 6)JPN 1,500 YEN (≒USD 13.64))
*Wi-fi : Available in all the hotel facilities
*English, Korean and Chinese speakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
※You can use garden pool from 11:00.
※You can use the garden pool, spa, fitness for admission fee just for a day
※Long water slider – 47.5m (≒155.8ft) cannot use for people below 120cm (≒3.9ft) for safety reasons.



10.Hotel Orion Motobu Resort and Spa

3 recommended points!
・Everyone can enjoy 3 pools!
・View Ie Island while enjoying the pool!
・Adult resort atmosphere in infinity pool (only available for upper floors)



The white-colored building is really beautiful contrasted by Okinawa blue sky in Orion Hotel.

It is the nearest hotel to the emerald beach in OCEAN EXPO PARK.

In front of the hotel, you can watch the emerald green colored sea (changes in any colors).

The tropical trees makes you feel more the nankoku atmosphere, and experience the extraordinary scenery and service.



It’s really easy for you to swim in the outdoor pool in a simple and gorgeous construction.



Large scaled door is attractive point in indoor pool!

You can swim leisurely and feel the wideness in this flat construction.

Let’s spend the moment of bliss in Motobu Resort and Spa.


<Facility Information>
Hotel Orion Motobu Resort and Spa
Address:Bise 148-1Kunigamigun Motobucho, Okinawa 905-0207 Japan
*Pool Opening Hours:indoor pool/year around 8:00~21:00
Outdoor pool/April to May 9:00~18:30 / June to August 8:00~19:00 / September to October 9:00~17:30
*Pool accommodation Fee:Free for Guests
*Visitor’s Pool Usage:YES
(Guests:outdoor pool ・indoor pool /Adult JPN 2,000 YEN (≒USD 18.16) ・Under 12 years old JPN 1,000 YEN (≒USD 9.08) ・Under 7 years old Free)
*Wi-fi :available throughout the building
*Englishspeakers are available
~Other Pool Information~
※Visitor fee includes bath-towel rental, changing room and rocker fee
※Children can use the facility only when they are with their parents.

※Extra:Resort Hotel for Adults

The・Atta Terrace Club Towers


You can experience the excellent luxury there.

This hotel is known as the “paradise for adults”.



Under 16 years-old cannot stay this hotel, so you can spend relaxing time in refined atmosphere only with adults.


<Facility Information>
The・Atta Terrace Club Towers
Address:Afuso 1079 Kunigamigun Onnason, Okinawa 904-0402 Japan
*Wi-fi:available throughout the building
*English speakers are available

In Conclusion

How was the introduction of Resort Hotel which has satisfied pool facility in Okinawa?

The selected hotels have high reputation for their service and their pool facility.

Please refer to this article when you choose the hotel for pool facility!




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