Surprising beauty! 14 Okinawan Sunset Spots!


Publication date: 2016/01/28


Okinawan Sunset

When experiencing the setting sun on an island, there is a different beauty from that found in the middle of a city.
Especially in Okinawa, the wide expanse of the sea and sky, growing gradually orange in color is a deeply moving sight.

This time we will be introducing some carefully selected and organized spots for a superb sunset, which we would love for you to see.

1. 5 Capes Where the Sunset is the Best 2. 3 Beaches Where the Sunset is the Best 3. 2 Cafés & Restaurants Where the Sunset is the Best 4. 3 Resort Hotels Where the Sunset is the Best 5. 1 Open-air Bath Where the Sunset is the Best In Conclusion 1. 5 Capes Where the Sunset is the Best【1】 Cape Zanpa(Okinawa Main Island)A cape protruding from near the Northwest of the village of Yomitan with beautifully scenic cliffs that continue for over 2km. This dynamic scenery is famous on the main island of Okinawa for being the last place that the evening sun sinks.The sun sets after 7p.m. in Summer and after 5p.m. in Winter. Please come experience the appealing panoramic view of the sunset at Cape Zanpa.Okinawan SunsetThe interwoven image of the lighthouse, Cape Zanpa’s symbol, and the setting sun will make you breathe a sigh of pleasure. An ideal spot for photography. Those who wish to photograph the sunset should get ready shortly before sunset.Okinawan SunsetCape Zanpa is located within the “Cape Zanpa Rest Plaza.” While it is a park, it is also a place recommended for spending time to watch the sun set.
Likewise, if you choose to stretch your feet on the nearby coast, another type of beautiful scenery can be encountered.残波岬の夕日■Access:Approximately 50 minutes by car from Naha Airport (using the highway)【2】Cape Manza(Okinawa Main Island)On the Western coast of the island is Okinawa’s greatest, most picturesque scenery; a steep cliff famous for resembling the shape of an elephant’s trunk. The special characteristic of the rock outcropping combined with the setting sun provides a sense of mystery and lends this famous spot some of its popularity. Beautiful crimson reflecting off of the East China Sea is a first-class sight.Okinawan Sunset During the Summer season (August), the sun will usually set around 7p.m. This is when you can see the moment that the sun hides smoothly beyond the sea horizon. If you go there early, you can await that beautiful moment.Okinawan SunsetThe overwhelming scale of nature’s beauty at seeing a protruding coral reef cliff enveloped in the setting sun will make you sigh with happiness.■Access:Approximately 55 minutes by car from Naha Airport (using the highway)【3】Oganzaki(Ishigaki Island)In the Northwestern portion of Ishigaki Island, on the point of a cape on the Oganzaki peninsula is the “Ishigaki Oganzaki Lighthouse,” a spot particularly famed for its sunset views. While entering the lighthouse is impossible, if you travel to its base, you can watch the scenery of the magnificent East China Sea to your heart’s content.Okinawan SunsetNext to the cape is a grass plaza where it is also possible to gaze upon the whole of the cape. It is a great photo spot.Okinawan Sunset During the Summer season (August), the sun usually sets around 7:20p.m. (referenced from the Japan Coast Guard). Between Fall and Spring, the sun sets behind Iriomote Island.■Access:Approximately 45 minutes by car from New Ishigaki Airport【4】Nishi-henna Cape(Miyako Island)Located near the Northwestern edge of Miyako Island, this is a famous spot for a superb view of the sunset. With a single sweep of the eye from atop the viewing platform you can see the fabulous emerald green ocean spreading out to Ikema Ohashi Bridge, Ikema Island to the North, Irabu Island to the West, and Ogami Island to the East.There is a walking path near the point, which is perfectly suited for a sunset stroll.Okinawan SunsetThe sublime scenery from the walking path. The gentle waves and setting sun over the ocean will suck you in with it’s brilliance.Okinawan SunsetcOCVB
On the subject of Nishi-henna Island, the wind power generating turbines are a landmark, and the viewing platform is located right next to them. The path from the cape to the point is serviced infrequently, so please walk carefully.■Access:Approximately 45 minutes by car from Miyako Airport【5】Irizaki(Irizaki/Yonaguni Island)A stone monument stands here, marking the cape as the absolute farthest Western cape in Japan. As this is the last place where the sun sets in Japan, even the locals will often come to visit. At a sparse 111km from Taiwan, on clear days you can make out the shape of the island in the distance.Okinawan Sunset The absolute final place in Japan where you can see off the setting sun. Please visit!Okinawan SunsetSponsored Image Source: 石垣島海辺.com
At designated sales areas it is possible to have a certificate of proof that you visited the Westernmost point in Japan issued: “A proof of the most west point of Japan.” This is sure to make a great souvenir of your trip.■Access:Approximately 10 minutes by car from Yonaguni Airport 2. 3 Beaches Where the Sunset is the Best【1】Sunset Beach(Okinawa Main Island)A beach in the town of Chatan, in the center of the Okinawan main island. Located next to the “Mihama American Village,” many foreign visitors with their families and other tourists often visit.As the name implies, this location draws its charm from this ideal location where you can enjoy the sunset to your heart’s content.Okinawan Sunset During the Summer season (August), the sun usually sets around 7p.m. (Referenced from the Japan Coast Guard). Gazing out from the sandy beach, you will easily lose track of time.Okinawan SunsetA recommended spot for its easy and close access from National Highway 58.■Access:Approximately 40 minutes by car from Naha Airport【2】Sunayama Beach(Miyako Island)A particularly pretty beach on Miyako Island. Famous for craggy caves great for fishing. With the fine grained, smooth sand beaches spreading as far as the eye can see, walking barefoot feels great. The superb clarity of the water lends itself well to snorkeling, where many brightly colored tropical fish can be seen.Okinawan SunsetPhoto by (c)Nature-FreeOnce you view the evening sun through this natural cave arch you will never forget it. As the upper portion of the cave has eroded quite substantially, please be careful when taking a break there.Okinawan SunsetSponsored Image Source: デジタル備忘録
Leaving the white sandy dunes, the cobalt sea spreads out far and wide before you. The scenery gradually coming into view is sure to excite.■Access:Approximately 20 minutes by car from Miyako Airport【3】Tsukigahama (Alternative name: Tudumari no Hama/Iriomote Island)The shape of the beach is almost like that of the moon’s curve, drawn in the sand, and so the name 「月ヶ浜」means the sandy beach of the Moon. The most exemplary beach on Iriomote Island, its westward face makes it famed for its sunsets.The gorgeous sinking sun paints the hilly dunes a deep red as they spread out before your eyes.Okinawan SunsetOkinawan SunsetSponsored Image Source: 石垣島海辺.com
Walking over the sand dunes, the “singing sands” let out a squeaking sound for which the area is also well-known. There are also egg-laying grounds where sea turtles come to visit.■Access:Approximately 10 minutes by car from Uehara Harbor 3. Cafés & Restaurants Where the Sunset is the Best【1】Transit Café (Okinawa Main Island)A white walled café in the town of Chatan. With its fashionable appearance and sea-facing terrace seating, it becomes more popular around sunset time. While gazing out at the horizon and watching the sun sink below it, this café feels very much like a resort. Foreign visitors visit often.
Okinawan SunsetTerrace seats filled with resort feeling. Well worth devoting a day’s time to relax.Okinawan SunsetChef specialty hors d’oeuvres which often pair well with beer, and fragrant fried chicken marinated with an original spice blend.
○Spicy grilled jerk chicken skewers: ¥480Okinawan SunsetCafé with a signboard menu featuring creamy camembert cheese so good it could easily become a habit. Served with plenty of baguettes.
○Piping hot, melty camembert cheese, fondue style
small:¥700トランジットカフェ・フレンチトーストThe cinnamon french toast with lots of fruit and garnished with ice cream gets a recommendation!■Transit Cafe
Address: Miyagi, Chatan 2-220-2F
TEL: 098-936-5076
Business Hours: 11:00a.m. to 9:30p.m.
Regular Holiday: None【2】Resort Cafe KAI(Okinawa Main Island)This café located in SUN Beach is known within the Prefecture as a great spot for viewing the sunset. With good access from Naha Airport, a mere 10 minute drive will bring you to a place where you can enjoy a huge panorama of the setting sun.While taking in the elegant view spreading before you, enjoy a light meal made from local ingredients from the full menu, including a number of varied desserts.Okinawan SunsetA great terrace viewing location, where you can even enjoy time in a café while wearing a bathing suit. Pets allowed.Okinawan Sunset A beach-side storefront. It may have a rather frank outside, but inside a hanging chandelier yields a high-class seeming atmosphere.Okinawan SunsetA café menu with many staples such as pasta or curry for lunches and even burgers, with an abundance of alcoholic beverages also available at night. No matter when you go, it will be a good place to spend time.
○KAI Lot Maggy Burger:¥819■Resort Cafe KAI
Address: Tomigusuku, Toyosaki 5-1
Business Hours: 11:00a.m. to 9:30p.m.
Regular Holiday: Wednesday 4. 3 Resort Hotels Where the Sunset is the Best【1】ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach ResortOkinawan SunsetThe representative hotel of Okinawa. As twilight sets, the picturesque scene of the sun setting over nearby Cape Manza and the sea dyed a deep crimson red is visible from both the beach and guest rooms.Okinawan Sunset■ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort
TEL:098-966-1211【2】Okinawa Zanpa Royal HotelA resort hotel on the Western coast of the Okinawan main island close to Cape Zanpa. The view from a guest room balcony of the sun setting into the great deep of the East China Sea is an absolute must see. A trip down to the beach will bring the sound of sugarcane fields waving in the wind and is a way to take in a serene sunset that only Okinawa can provide.
Okinawa夕日Okinawa Zanpa Royal Hotel
TEL:098-958-5000【3】Fusaki Resort VillageA cottage-style resort hotel on the Southwest coast of Ishigaki Island. The sunset view from the beach or off of the pier near the beach is a true sight to see. Taking in that same falling of night while barbecuing on the beach is also recommended.
Okinawan SunsetFusaki Resort Village
TEL:0980-88-7000 5. Hot Spring Where the Sunset is the BestRyukyu Onsen Senagajima HotelFinally, we introduce a hot spring from which to enjoy the sunset.
Located not far from Naha Airport on the easily accessible by car outlying island of Senaga is the “Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel.” The open-air bath here is especially recommended for appreciating the sunset.This bath, which during the day overlooks the emerald green sea, offers the chance to watch the sun set on the far Kerama Islands while soaking in the hot water.
To those on their last day in Okinawa, or who have a late flight out, how does taking in this beautiful sight from the hot spring sound?
Okinawan SunsetRyukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel
TEL: 098-851-7077In ConclusionThe splendor of the setting sun can only be found in Okinawa, surrounded by the sea. For a true highlight to your trip, please come take in the deeply moving scenery with someone important to you!

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