Okinawa summer time! Recommended Place and what to do in July!


Publication date: 2016/05/23



In July, Okinawa tourist season will be coming with strong sunshine.
You may wonder how to travel Okinawa during the tourist season.

This article will cover “the selected spot” which you can enjoy Okinawa in July.
The spot includes “Okinawa mail Island”, “Ishigaki Island”, “Miyako Island” and other isolated islands.

The information will help you understand what to do in Okinawa during the tourist season.

~Recommended spots in July!Enjoy your time in outside~

1.【Okinawa Main Island】 Explore the jungle in Mangrove forest!
~~Gesashi bay Mangrove forest+Higashi-son Fureai Mangrove Park~~

2.【Miyako Island】Let’s go to the cave where sea god lives!
~~Boraga Cave~~

3.【Ishigaki Island】Experience adventurous things in the vast Banna mount and Tropical Forest
~~Banna Park~~

4. Event Information In July
4-1. Fireworks Information
4-2. Recommended Event in July
“Peaceful Love Rock Festival”
5. Climate/Tips in July
In Conclusion

1. Explore the jungle in Mangrove forest!

Gesashi bay Mangrove forest+Higashi-son Fureai Mangrove Park


Gesashi bay is located in Higashi-son (the North of Okinawa Main Island), which is known for “flower, water and pineapple town”.

In Higashi-son Fureai Mangrove Park, mangrove forest which spreads Gesashi River downstream is famous!

In Okinawa’s largest Mangrove Forest, there are three rare mangroves ; Kandelia candel, Black Mangrove and Rhizophora mucronata.


Mangrove is a natural monument recognized by Japan.
*Mangrove…Tropical trees which only lives in mixture of sea water and fresh water.

At Higashi-son Fureai Mangrove Park in Gesashi mangrove forest、you can watch precious mangrove forest and other living creatures in Okinawa.

You can also take a walk surrounded by mangrove forest in well-maintained wallboard.


The picture is fiddler crab. You can watch this in the park.

It’s easy to distinguish the fiddler crab’s sexuality. Male’s one-side claws is as big as shell but female one is smaller.

They often walks in the mangrove root. If you observe carefully, they may appear suddenly.

It’s possible for you to find sand bubble crab, king fisher, intermediate egret (kind of bird) and other living creatures.

A lot of barred mudskipper is appearing at low tide.

The children will be pleased because you can take a closer look at downstairs.
※Caution: Bringing towel is highly recommended because of mud.

Living creature finding is really fun at abundant nature, isn’t it?


There are also canoe experiences from Gesashi River. You can enjoy viewing different view from walk-board.
If you are interested, you better try because you can experience where you cannot go in a walking distance!

Furthermore, there are observatory and other facilities within the park. You can enjoy the mangrove from various angle.

It may be the good choice to hang out the tropical tree and play hard!

You can buy some local food at corporate store and enjoy picnic near Higashi-son Fureai Mangrove Park.

Don’t forget to do heatstroke measures and adenine mosquito measures when spending the time!


【Spot Information】
Address: Gesashi,Kunigamigun Higashison, Okinawa 905-1205 Japan
TEL:0980-51-2655(NPO Corporation – Higashi son Tourist Promoted Joint Council)
Fee:Free Admission(Experience program like canoe is not free)
Official Website:Higashi-Village

2.【Miyako Island】Let’s go to the cave where sea god lives!

Boraga limestone cave


There are several limestone cave made from coral in Miyako Island.

In Boraga Area, there is a limestone cave where you can see at low tide. Surprisingly, it is “in the sea”!

“Boraga limestone cave” is known for mysterious spot because the sea god lives there.



You can access from the sea because it is within the sea water.

You can take a walk at low tide but going there by individual is really risky.

You better join the tour and enjoy with the professionals. They will explain how to enjoy and help you a lot.

In this time, We introduce the tour conducted by “Boraga Beach Park”.

We head for Boraga limestone cave by kayak. At the same time, you can enjoy the Miyako-Island’s panorama nature on this way.

It’s rare to view the island from the bottom, and you will be amazed by dynamic scale.

Kayak is easy to operate, so you can take a walk comfortably in the sea.



We arrived at Boraga limestone cave!

Entrance hall is really small! In the cave, you will see the indescribable sight.



Another mysterious world spreads around you!/strong>

After diving the entrance, you will see the huge Boraga limestone cave in front of you.
It’s called “pumpkin hall”because its shape resembles pumpkin. It takes thousands of hundreds years made by nature.



All spaces are amazingly beautiful like clear sea, huge limestone cave and spray.
The narrow sparkle makes this scenery more beautiful.

You can enjoy scenery of coral around limestone cave.
Please experience the dynamic power which you cannot describe the picture.



In tour, the conducted date and time already decides depending on tide.
This place is really rare and precious because time and date are unlimited.
Let’s enjoy the Miyako-Island’s vast nature!


【Spot Details】
*Host Company: Boraga Beach Park(Island Works Inc.)
Address: Gusukubebora 1139-1,Miyakojima, Okinawa,906-0101,Japan
Click here at Island Works Inc.

【Ishigaki Island】Experience adventurous things in the vast Banna mount and Tropical Forest

Banna Park


Banna Peak(230m≒754.5ft)is located in Ishigaki Island, and not just a mountain.
It’s well-known for subtropical tropical park from local people, but we recommend to tourists to visit there.

You can drive comfortably in well-maintained winding road by Rent-A-Car!
You can spend your day in this peak because there are so many things to do on your way.


banna park map

※You can zoom the map by clicking here!

Banna park is divided into five zones: A~E zone.

A zone is called ”Banna forest and recreation field” where you can enjoy activity like picnic in large field.

B zone is surrounded by living environment conservation forest. You can also watch Banna Sky-Line which is crossing the mountain.

This is what you can do and see in C zone.

See : Ishigaki dam and Spilornis-Cheela observation
Do : watching water birds, lying comfortably at lawn field and hanging around forest.

This main characteristic is various generations from Children to Seniors can enjoy the nature here.

E zone is recommended for families because child park and driving route are well-organized.
Especially, family with children will be pleased because their children can enjoy athletic and plaything as much as you can.



For married couple, D zone is recommended. You can enjoy watching wild-animals and sea from the observatory. You can also watch the firefly in a “firefly avenue”.



You can observe unlimited numbers of yellow firefly flying from July to August! If you are lucky, you may able to find the fireflies flying!

At “Unlimited Bridge” in A zone, you can see “Barringtonia”! Please take a look if you have time.



It is highly recommended to drive ”Seishika-no-Hashi Bridge” crossing to the edge of Ishigaki Dam in C zone.

This is the first bridge in Okinawa made in 1985. You can see the amazing nature from the central part of bridge.

You can feel subtropical atmosphere from surrounded forests. Let’s give it a try!



“South Island Observatory” is also recommended located between C and E zone.

You can see the whole-view of Ishigaki Island, and really beautiful sea if it is sunny.

The way to the observatory is a little bit unique shape of stone construction. You can easily move by slope.

Please stop by if you have any chances. It is really beautiful there.

※Other than this place, you can see emerald green-colored sea from observatory at Banna skyline(B Zone)!



There is a unique model on the other side of “South Island Observatory” road.

This is an observatory called “migratory-bird observatory”. You can see indescribable view after entering the hall and go up the stairs.

This observatory’s image is “spilornis egg”. Shall we take a memorial picture in front of cute-formed observatory?

We only select highly-recommended spot this time because there are too many places to introduce.

If you think if going Banna Park by reading this article, please refer to Official Map where to stop by in Banna Park!
※During July, you may encounter “hub”. Please cope with hub before you go to the park.


【Spot Details】
Address:Ishigaki 961-15, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0000 Japan
Please click here → Official Website

4. Event Information in July

Firework becomes the seasonal event in Okinawa like entire the Japan.

There are various unique events in Okinawa. You can spend enjoyable summer by joining the event.

Let’s join if your schedule is available.

※The events of day and times are estimated. It may change depends on weather, so please confirm the information in each webpage.

4-1. Fireworks Information



*OCEAN EXPO PARK Summer Festival
Date:July 26th(Sat), 2016
Place:Emerald Beach@OCEAN EXPO PARK
TEL:098-926-5678(Chatan Town Tourist Association・Sea Port Chatan Carnival Executive Committee)
Official Website:OCEAN EXPO PARK

*Sea Port Chatan Carnival
Date:Middle to Late of July
Place: Chatan Park Sunset Beach
TEL:098-926-5678(Chatan Town Tourist Association・Sea Port Chatan Carnival Executive Committee)
Official Website:Chatan Town Tourist Association

*Nago Summer Festival
Date:July 30th(Sat)and 31st(sun)
Place: Nago fishing Port
Official Website:Nago City Commerce and Industry Association

※We don’t introduce the event which date and time are undecided for now. Sorry for your inconvenience.

4-2.Recommended Event in July

“Peaceful Love Rock Festival”

沖縄7月の観光スポット・イベントPhoto Credit by Peaceful Love Rock Festival Executive Committee


”Peaceful Love Rock Festival” has a 30 years history and held this year as an annual event in Goza. As you know, “Goza” is called music town in Okinawa.

沖縄7月の観光スポット・イベントPhoto Credit by Peaceful Love Rock Festival Executive Committee


You may be amazed by heated music and atmosphere by talented musician! This is live is 2 days long, and held in outside.

You can enjoy energetic live by dancing with the song!!

沖縄7月の観光スポット・イベントPhoto Credit by Peaceful Love Rock Festival Executive Committee


In the Official Website, detailed information is available such as artists, time schedule and how to buy a ticket.

Let’s enjoy hot summer along with dynamic music festival through your travel in Okinawa.

【Event Details】
Date:July 9th(Sat) and 10th(Sun), 2016
Place:Okinawa City Outdoor Stage
TEL:098-989-5566(Photo Credit by Peaceful Love Rock Festival Executive Committee Office)
Please click here for a detail!


5. Climate/Tips in July


In July, Okinawa is height of summer! It’s getting dry in a windy weather.

UV cut measure is mandatory because sunscreen is really strong.
You may get tanned even it is windy and cloudy day.

Please be careful if you are traveling in a sea, especially with baby and children!
Children get tanned so easily because their skin are so thin and soft.

It is possible for children to get burned by themselves. You can do “putting a sunscreen bit by bit” or “wearing long-sleeve shirt after putting the sunscreen.
You better prepare the cold insulator to protect their skin.

You should prepare for this strong sunshine with hydration. Its preparation is all for your trip!

Don’t forget to cope with aedine mosquito if you go to “Yanbaru-no-Mori Forest”!
*Yanbaru・・・the place located in kunigami-son, north part of main island. It’s popular with local people by enjoying hiking and abundant nature.

In Conclusion


Okinawa is the exactly tourist season because of the strong sunshine, beautiful sea and bright greenly nature in July!

As for the event, various events such as Eisa Festival and other events will be held! It’s also the season you can enjoy tourism+α.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the sea playing, the hotel pool playing and other items other than listed spot in this article.

If you are interested, why don’t you visit Okinawa in July?

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