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[2018년판] 오키나와의 매력이 가득! 해양 엑스포 공원의 볼거리 & 즐길 거리 총정리!

오키나와 해양 박 공원 이미지

사진 제공 : 해양 엑스포 공원

오키나와의 관광 명소 NO.1을 자랑하는 “오키나와 추라우미 수족관”은 바로 여기 “해양 엑스포 공원”의 부지 내에 있어요. 오키나와 여행에 있어 빼놓을 수 없는 중요한 명소이긴 하지만, 해양 엑스포 공원 내에서 즐길 수 있는 게 수족관이 다가 아니란 사실, 혹시 알고 계셨나요?

사실, 수족관만 보고 돌아가기엔 너무 아까운 명소들이 공원 내에 가득 마련되어 있답니다.

그래서, 이번 포스팅에서는 1년 내내 즐길거리로 가득 찬 해양 엑스포 공원에 대해 소개해 드리려 합니다. 실제로 어디를 어떻게 즐길 수 있을지부터 차가 없는 경우에 찾아오시는 길 등 세세한 부분들을 포함하여 해양 엑스포 공원의 매력에 대해 꼼꼼하게 들여다 보도록 할게요!
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걸어서 여행하는 오키나와 관광│무작정 가보는 유이레일 산책 -아카미네(赤嶺)편-

ゆいれーる 赤嶺駅 外観

나하 관광에 있어 참 편리한 이동수단인 ‘유이레일.’
렌터카를 빌리지 않고, 운전도 하지 않는 분들에겐 꼭 필요한 교통수단이죠.

이번엔 “걸어서 여행하는 오키나와 관광”을 테마로, 평소엔 내릴 일이 없을 것만 같은 한적한 역들에 주목!
우선, 나하 공항의 이웃역인 아카미네 역(赤嶺駅)에 초점을 맞춰볼까합니다.

유이레일를 타보신 분이라면, 어디선가 한번쯤은 들어보신 적 있을텐데요. 내려본 사람만이 알 수 있는, 현지느낌 물씬 풍기는 오키나와의 매력에 다가가 보았어요.
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It’s all about Hateruma Island ~The Southern-Most Part in Japan!~


Japan’s southernmost island, “Hateruma Island”.
This time, we’d like to introduce tourist spots in Hateruma Island.

We’ll also be showing ways to access the island, so be sure to check it out!

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Sightseeing&Eat&Stay! The Attractive Points of Kohama Islands


Kohama Island is located nearly at the center of Yaeyama Islands.
Taketomi and Iriomote Islands are amazing, but doesn’t “Kohama Island,” which became famous after the morning drama series, also seem interesting?

Here, we talk about the attractions on Kohama Island.
Let’s seek some healing effects on Kohama Island with vast and serene field of sugarcanes.
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Travel Tips for Kudaka Island (Island of God) – Going through the Renal Cycling


Kudaka Island is the sacred place inhabited by Amamikiyo, the god that created the islands of Ryukyu.
There is a ritual that has been performed continuously on this island since the Ryukyu Dynasty (15th century), which is still performed today.

The whole of the Kudaka Island is a sacred place, and has an atmosphere different from other islands, where time passes in a special way.

Take a relaxed trip by bicycle to search for the hidden mysteries of Kudaka Island, the island of gods!

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Perfect guide for Yaeyama Islands and Must-See Spots!


400km (≒248.5 miles) southwest of Okinawa Main Island lies Ishigaki Island, an island which is part of many surrounding islands that are collectively called the ‘Yaeyama Islands’.
Ishigaki Island is one of 10 other inhabited islands in the Yaeyama Island chain, and acts as the gateway to all the other surrounding islands.

All of the surrounding islands (except Yonaguni Island) in the Yaeyama Island chain can be reached by high-speed ferry from Ishigaki Island.

We will give an overview including the highlights of each of the islands.

We hope that this information will help you understand tthe Yaeyama Island more.

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Day Trip Experience in Nagannu Island


“Nagannu Island” is an island where you can visit on a small boat leaving from Naha, close enough for a day trip. It is one of the Kerama Islands and popular for its beautiful ocean.

Today we will show you about our experience at Nagannu Island! We hope people who are thinking about going there will refer to this information.

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Best Five Breathtaking-view Oceans and Ocean-view Cafes!


Okinawa is synonymous with the sea.

It’s said that the reason why Okinawa’s seas shine a pretty emerald blue is because the white sand that coral reefs make reflects the sunlight and ocean currents, starting with the Kuroshio, wash away contamination.

Even knowing that Okinawa’s seas are beautiful, there are lots of people who worry themselves about which places have spectacular ocean views.

For such people, we’re going to introduce five spots with spectacular ocean views, as well as five cafés where you can enjoy the sea.

We’d be glad if you made this article a reference for enjoying Okinawa’s seas even more.

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Experience of making Benimo Sweet Potato Tart in Okashigoten Onnason Store!

Okashi-Goten 門

“Benimo Sweet Potato Tart” is a souvenir staple from Okinawa.

The Benimo Sweet Potato Tart is made by “Okashi Goten” Sweets Palace, the original store known for sweet potato confections.

This store is frequented with people who visit during their trip to Okinawa.

We’ve got a bonus tidbit of information, that “There’s a rare, exclusive experience available only at the Onna store branch of Okashi-Goten.

To see if this is true, we’re going undercover to check out the Okashi-Goten Onna store.

What type of exclusive experience could there be at such an already well-known place?! Let’s go and check it out!

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How to enjoy sightseeing in Taketomi Island – where you can feel Okinawa Time

image of Taketomi island

The Yaeyama Islands are known for having one of the best coral reefs in Japan. These seven islands are packed full with real Okinawan charm.

Taketomi Island, one of Yaeyama’s seven islands, is far removed from the bustle of everyday life and is a place where time itself seems to slow down.

Besides being known for its beautiful ocean landscape, Taketomi Island is also known for maintaining its unique cultural traditions. You will surely be moved by its incredible scenery.

Here we will introduce various places to go, eat, and stay on Taketomi Island in a detail. Come fall under its spell!

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