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What is the “King Tacos” which is loved by Okinawan?

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“Taco rice” is a representative dish of Okinawan “B-class gourmet,” cuisine that is delicious and inexpensive. If you’re going to try taco rice, wouldn’t you like to eat delicious taco rice?

Today, we will introduce the “royal road” that cannot be missed by any means of taco rice, which is loved by Okinawans.

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Experience of making Benimo Sweet Potato Tart in Okashigoten Onnason Store!

Okashi-Goten 門

“Benimo Sweet Potato Tart” is a souvenir staple from Okinawa.

The Benimo Sweet Potato Tart is made by “Okashi Goten” Sweets Palace, the original store known for sweet potato confections.

This store is frequented with people who visit during their trip to Okinawa.

We’ve got a bonus tidbit of information, that “There’s a rare, exclusive experience available only at the Onna store branch of Okashi-Goten.

To see if this is true, we’re going undercover to check out the Okashi-Goten Onna store.

What type of exclusive experience could there be at such an already well-known place?! Let’s go and check it out!

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Guide: How to fully enjoy Araha Beach (Chatan-cho)!

Araha beach photo

Araha Beach is located in Chatan-cho, in the center of the Okinawa main island, along the Western coast. It is a resort town with many foreign residents, and plenty of facilities in the nearby area!

Here, we would like to tell you about the unique features of a beach in the city, which is different from a typical lesser-known beach.
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Murasaki Mura Visit Report

MurasakimuraのseesaafactoryWhat can I do at ‘Murasaki Mura?’ Budget? Required time??

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The “Blue Cave” of Okinawa! A complete explanation of the popular marine spot

okinawan blue cave The most famous snorkeling and diving spot on the main island of Okinawa is the Blue Cave. It is covered completely in blue light and radiates a wondrous atmosphere.

The fish of the Blue Cave are used to people, and will make you happy when they come up close to you. Now, without delay we will introduce the ways you can enjoy the mysterious experience in the wonder that is the Blue Cave!
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