Day Trip Experience in Nagannu Island


Publication date: 2016/07/25



“Nagannu Island” is an island where you can visit on a small boat leaving from Naha, close enough for a day trip. It is one of the Kerama Islands and popular for its beautiful ocean.

Today we will show you about our experience at Nagannu Island! We hope people who are thinking about going there will refer to this information.

*All the prices mentioned in the article are written in July 20th, 2016. Currency rate varies depending on the financial situations.

【1】 What is “Nagannu Island”?
【2】 Reserving a boat
【3】 Let’s go!
(Changed boat due to bad weather ~ Where to go at the port ~ The boat ride)
【4】 A lap around Nagannnu Island
(Panorama view of the island, what kind of beach they have)
【5】Things you can rent on the island
【6】How to have fun/activities
【8】Cleaning up/Shower ~ Returning home on a boat
【9】List of recommended/unnecessary items
【10】Summary/For those who are planning to go there


【1】 What is “Nagannnu Island”?

Nagannu Island is an uninhabited island that is 20 minutes away from Naha on a boat.

[google-map-v3 shortcodeid=”0e4c2f6f56″ width=”100%” height=”400″ zoom=”15″ maptype=”hybrid” mapalign=”center” directionhint=”false” language=”default” poweredby=”false” maptypecontrol=”true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” scrollwheelcontrol=”false” draggable=”true” tiltfourtyfive=”false” enablegeolocationmarker=”false” enablemarkerclustering=”false” addmarkermashup=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkerlist=”26.265715047417718,127.54725120532224{}3-default.png{}ナガンヌ島” bubbleautopan=”true” distanceunits=”miles” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]

Although it is technically an “uninhabited island”, it has been developed as a beach resort *1 and it gets crowded with domestic tourists during the summer.
*1: Major facilities of the island — Restaurant/Flushing toilet/Shower/Activity shop/Cottage

Many tourists visit the island on a day trip. (There are cottages available for guests staying the night)

It is one of the Kerama Islands, named as the National Park in 2014 for its beautiful ocean and a rich ecosystem containing various creatures such as corals.

【2】Reserving a boat

After hearing “you can visit one of Kerama Islands on a day trip”, we decided to go.
We started putting a schedule together.
We could stay there too, but since we have other plans, we decided to go there on a day trip.


【2-1】Access, picking the boat



The only way to get the Nagannu island is to use the regular service boat operated by “Tokashiki Inc.”

This is the timetable.

You can reserve a round-trip ticket. You can stay at the island for five hours.
We had plans at night, so we decided to go with the earliest one, “#1 (8:30 ~ 14:00)”!



You can make reservations from the official Nagannu Island website or the optional tour reservation website.


The merits and demerits of registering from the official website

You can choose from a wide variety of plans from “Activity plan” to “Lodging plan”.
It also has the largest amount of information about the island!
Although you can make online reservations, it does not seem to have a “my page” feature.

Nagannu Island Official Webpage

The merits and demerits of registering from the optional tour reservation website

You can reserve basic plans such as “round-trip boat + lunch”.
You can look at reviews of other guests and check out other activities available in Okinawa.
There are many websites that have a “my page” feature, it might be easier to use.
However, there are less plans to choose compared to the official website.


【3】Let’s go!


【3-1】Oh no! Our boat has been cancelled due to bad weather!

Since we reserved the 1st boat (leaving at 8:30), we told each other “let’s get up early tomorrow” on the night before.
Then, we got a call from the company managing the Nagannu Island tours.

They said our boat was cancelled due to bad weather. Instead, we could ride boat #3 (leaving at 10:30).
Since we wanted to go there badly, we decided to take the boat #3.

(This kind of thing often happens with small boats and other marine-related activities in Okinawa)
It changed our schedule, but we were able to enjoy breakfast at the hotel, so everything worked out OK.

【3-2】 How to get to the port


Participants are to meet at the gathering place, “Tokashiki Inc. Office (3-14-2 Tomari, Naha city, Okinawa)” in front of Tomarin.

[google-map-v3 shortcodeid=”88a736eed3″ width=”100%” height=”400″ zoom=”12″ maptype=”roadmap” mapalign=”center” directionhint=”false” language=”default” poweredby=”false” maptypecontrol=”true” pancontrol=”true” zoomcontrol=”true” scalecontrol=”true” streetviewcontrol=”true” scrollwheelcontrol=”false” draggable=”true” tiltfourtyfive=”false” enablegeolocationmarker=”false” enablemarkerclustering=”false” addmarkermashup=”false” addmarkermashupbubble=”false” addmarkerlist=”沖縄県那覇市泊3-14-2{}battleship-3.png{}とかしき事務所(ナガンヌ島ツアー集合場所)” bubbleautopan=”true” distanceunits=”miles” showbike=”false” showtraffic=”false” showpanoramio=”false”]

■By car

Look for the “Tomari Intersection” on Route 58.
There are two parking lots, “Annex Parking Lot” and “City Parking Lot” in front of the port.
They are both ¥200 ($1.90) for the first hour and ¥100 ($0.95) per hour for the following hours.

■By Yui Rail

Get off at Miebashi station, 10-15 minutes on foot.

■By taxi

Ask the driver to take you to “Tomari Port”.
20 minutes away from Naha airport without traffic.

【3-3】Convenience stores/lockers near the meeting place


There is “Family Mart” across the road.
Also, coin lockers are available in the port’s waiting room.



Tell them that you have a reservation at the counter and pay the fee after waiting for our boat. It’s time to head out!

【3-5】The rough boat ride!


The boat fits about 40 people. You can choose to sit inside or outside on the deck.



We decided to sit outside on the deck.



And the boat starts…



Water splashing everywhere!! And the boat shook so much!!


It was probably due to the bad weather, but the boat ride was quite rough!
Good thing is that I took medicine for motion sickness beforehand.

Halfway into the boat ride, we could no longer film because we were scared to let go of the handle.
It shook up and down. We felt the floating sensation which you get on a roller coaster many times.

As we were holding onto the handrail, we got a glimpse of the beach.



We were so relieved.



And finally, we are here!



The vast emerald green ocean beneath us!



We got quite excited!


【4】A lap around Nagannu Island


【4-1】Panorama view of the island

Nagannu Island is 1.7km (1.05mi) long on the west/east direction and 200m (0.12 mi) wide on the north/south direction. It is long from side to side.

It is mostly flat and has no river. (So the soil does not melt into the ocean, giving it a high transparency)

▲ South side (Click image to enlarge)


▲ North side (Click image to enlarge)


There was a tall place that stood out in the middle.
There, we found a monument that showed this was a national park.
We looked around the island 360 degrees from this location.

On the south side of the restaurant, there were ports, cottages, and restaurants.
On the north side, there were beaches, parasols, and rest cottages.


【4-2】What kind of beach is it?


Nagannu Island is an island made out of corals.
It is covered with coral sands. The contrast of the white sand and emerald green ocean gives it a great tropical atmosphere.



Even though they are small, walking on pieces of corals barefoot hurts!
We recommend you to bring marine shoes because of the corals.
The sand inside the water is small, and the ground is packed with corals up to the edge.



Take a look inside the ocean to see a school of tropical fish.







If you’re lucky, you might be able to see a clownfish in the shallow parts of the ocean.



But be careful, the water level rises quickly.




If you swim just a little bit, you won’t be able to stand on your feet.
Also, there are lots of sea-cucumbers, so be careful.
It was not the biggest beach ever.
The lifeguard was able to overlook the entire beach.


【5】Things you can rent

You can rent items for your stay at the rental counter located at the center of Nagannu Island.


【5-1】Beach parasol or rest cottage

There are no shades on the beach.
If you’re going to stay for 5 hours, you’ll want a beach parasol, or


book a rest cottage



You will need at least one of these for sure. (It might be a lot of work to bring your own tents)

<Rental fee chart>

  • Parasol ¥1,000(USD 9.53)
  • Deck chair  ¥1,000 (USD 9.53)
  • Parasol x 1, Chair x1 ¥1,500 (USD 14.30)
  • Parasol x 1, Chair x 2  ¥2,500(USD 23.84)
  • Rest cottage (comes with 2 deck chairs) ¥5,000(USD 47.67)

Since we wanted to swim and wouldn’t rest too much, we decided to get “Parasol x 1, Chair x2 for ¥2,500”.
We picked out a parasol and got a “in use” tag.


First, we put the bath towels on the chair, then put our luggage on the plastic sheets, and laid down…



Like this, we took a nap in the middle.



On this day, there were there of us, all adults. It was pretty cool when we visited.

  • A large group/large luggage
  • With children
  • Want to enjoy a relaxing time
  • Extremely hot day


If your group is one of the above, we recommend the rest cottage.


【5-2】Rent a snorkeling set


You can rent a whole set for ¥1,500(USD 14.11).
If you came all the way to Kerama ocean, you have to snorkel!

【5-3】Other things you can rent

Floater mattress

We didn’t rent this, but it looked really fun.
If you want to lie down on the water, it is highly recommended.
It seem to be useful on the beach as well, people were using it like mattresses.


【6】How to have fun/Activities




Off to the ocean using the rental snorkels!
We got to see all different types of tropical fish.
Change the location and time, and then dive multiple times for new discoveries!


【6-2】Dragon boat (Banana boat)


So thrilling! Getting loud with everyone is so much fun.


【6-3】Swimming in the ocean


Play hard, compete, or relax on the floating mat or a tube and ride the wave. There’s something fun for everybody.


【6-4】Looking for hermit crabs


Nagannu Island is packed with hermit crabs! You can spot them in various locations around the island.



The picture above is the one we found at the restaurant.

There are a lot of them especially around the bushes near the center of the island.



This is a small road that leads us from the pier on the south side to the beach on the north side.

We became friends with a family with a child in kindergarten who was collecting hermit crabs in a small bucket.



So colorful!When they feel the slightest vibration, they pull their heads right in. It’s so cute.



We also picked up a shell but a small hermit crab popped out.



【6-5】Collecting shells


Once you start collecting them, you’ll notice that there are so many sizes, shapes, and colors.



Collecting shells like there is no tomorrow.



【6-6】Boat snorkeling


Riding the boat to the spot recommended by the local staff where we can have it all, “transparent water/landscape/tropical fish”.
We had a nice relaxing time snorkeling in the beautiful ocean.
This activity was recommended by my friend, who said “you can only see this in Nagannu Island”.




After playing in the sea, we went to “Casa de Mare Nagannu” because we get hungry.

You are not allowed to bring in food or drinks to the island. So we ate a meal at a restaurant on the south side of the island.



【7-1】Food Menu

There are plenty variety of menu from lunch menu to side menu like snack.



Lunch Menu(11:00~14:00)

*Pork Curry (limited edition) *Pork is produced in Okinawa. JPN 800 YEN (USD 7.63)
*Motobu beef red wine-flavored Stew * Motobu beef is produced in Okinawa. JPN 1,200 YEN (USD 11.44)
Spicy Thai Green Curry JPN 800 YEN (USD 7.63)
Sweet Chicken Curry JPN 700 YEN (USD 6.67)
Mild Spicy Beef Curry JPN 700 YEN (USD 6.67)
Risotto ~Harmony with Milan Style Seafood~ JPN 1,000 YEN (USD 9.53)
Vegetable Minestrone with Short Pasta JPN 500 YEN (USD 4.77)
Seafood Acqua Pazza JPN 1,000 YEN (USD 9.53)
Okinawa Soba ~with hint of sea smells~ JPN 700 YEN (USD 6.67)

After 14:00, canned food and side menus are available.

Side Menu

Panini (Italian Sandwich) JPN 400 YEN (USD 3.81)
Corn Dog JPN 250 YEN (USD 2.38)
Heaping French Fries JPN 500 YEN (USD4.77)
Chicken Nuggets (chicken is produced in Japan) JPN 500 YEN (USD4.77)
Takoyaki JPN 500 YEN (USD4.77)
Assort with sausage and French fries JPN 650 YEN (USD 6.20)
Fresh fried shrimp snacks JPN 350 YEN (USD 3.34)


This picture below is panini (Italian Sandwich).


This panini is more than enough for woman as a lunch. Chewy beget will makes you full.

Canned Food Menu

Tuna’s Patty JPN 550 YEN (USD 5.24)
Mackerel with green pepper JPN 600 YEN (USD 5.72)
Oil Stew with Salmon and Dill JPN 600 YEN (USD 5.72)
Oyster’s Ajillo JPN 650 YEN (USD 6.20)
Harb Stew with Chicken and Potato JPN 650 YEN (USD 6.20)




This picture above is canned”Oyster’s Ajillo”. This is heated and served with crackers.
This ajillo tastes far better than we had expected!




Cold mango ice sweets (¥400≒USD 3.81) and mango pudding (¥300≒USD 2.86).
They were both delicious.
Especially the ice cream sweets, there were so many layers, flavors, and textures. We loved the variation of flavors!
It had mango fruits, mango ice cream, whipped cream, black sugar crumbles, mango ice cream, and dacquoise.


It’s not a restaurant, but you can also get shaved ice at the snack stand.



Both soft drink and alcohol are available.
Bottled water costs just JPN 100 YEN (USD 0.95). So cheap!
However, canned Coca-Cola costs JPN 200 YEN (USD 1.91) and Sports Drink costs JPN 300 YEN (USD 2.86).

The below chart shows other restaurant’s menu.

Non-Alcohol and Soft-Drink

Non-Alcohol Beer JPN 350 YEN (USD 3.34)
Coca-Cola JPN 200 YEN (USD 1.91)
Mineral Water JPN 100 YEN (USD 0.95)
Iced Coffee JPN 300 YEN (USD 2.86)
Pineapple Juice JPN 350 YEN (USD 3.34)
Mango Juice JPN 350 YEN (USD 3.34)
Guava Juice JPN 350 YEN (USD 3.34)
Sports Drink JPN 300 YEN (USD 2.86)
Hot Coffee JPN 300 YEN (USD 2.86)
Green Tea (Hot or Cold) JPN 200 YEN (USD 1.91)
Hot Tea JPN 300 YEN (USD 2.86)
Hot Cocoa JPN 300 YEN (USD 2.86)

Alcohol Drink

Orion Beer (400 YEN≒USD 3.81)
Asahi Super Dry (400 YEN≒USD 3.81)
Tropical Chu-Hi (Lemon and Shekwasha) (400 YEN≒USD 3.81)
Tropical Chu-Hi (Pineapple and Shekwasha) (400 YEN≒USD 3.81)
Tropical Chu-Hi (Acerola and Shekwasha) (400 YEN≒USD 3.81)
White Glassed Wine JPN 500 YEN (USD4.77)
Red Glassed Wine JPN 500 YEN (USD4.77)
Awamori (Rock and Water) (400 YEN≒USD 3.81)
Awamori (Bottle) Seasonal Price


【8】Cleaning up/Shower ~Returning home on a boat

【8-1】Cleaning up/Shower

Our return trip boat was leaving at 16:00.
After 15:00, we took showers and changed by taking turns. (We watched our stuff taking turns)



The shower room and locker room starts to get crowded, probably because people are leaving.
There was a bit of trouble here.

The shower and locker room of the island are basically a locker room with an added shower booth.
So the floor is wet most of the time and there is no bench.

You have to use the locker (paid) or you will not have anywhere to put your clothes, so it was a bit inconvenient.
If you’re a woman, you might want to wear something you can throw on from the top like a one-piece dress.

【8-2】Returning home on a boat


We went to the pier a bit early around 15:40.
The boat was supposed to leave on 16:00, but everyone was already there, so the boat left early!



Goodbye, Nagannu Island.
The boat shook a lot as predicted. But compared to the morning trip, the ocean was calmer so it wasn’t that bad.



We arrived at Tomari port at 16:10. Our five-hour island vacation was over.


【9】List of recommended/unnecessary items

As long as you have general items for a regular beach swim, you’ll be OK.
Here is a look back at the things we took with us.


Swimsuit/Change of clothes

We recommend wearing the swimsuit underneath your clothes when you go.
We recommend something easy to wear for a change of clothes.
(Especially for women, due to the locker room condition)

Beach sandal

A must-have for a beach swim! However, there are corals in the sand, so marine shoes would be ideal.


Bath towel, face towel, at least one of each or more

You will want a bath towel to “place on the deck chair”, “block the sunlight on the beach”, “after taking a shower”, and more.

If you’re a woman and have long hair, take a face towel with you and put it on your shoulder after showering. It will help your hair dry.
(There are no hair dryers at the locker room. We don’t think there was an outlet either)

<Avoid getting a tan>

Rush guard/sunscreen (water resistant, of course)

There aren’t many shades on Nagannu Island!
My friend who didn’t put any sunscreen was saying the next day, “Ouch… I got burnt so bad…” all day long.

<Playing in the ocean>



If you have small children, this is a must-have!
It is good for adults too because you can float around and enjoy a relaxing time.

Snorkel set

You can rent these too. (¥1,500 (USD14.30) with a life jacket)
If you plan on using it many times, I recommend buying one.
You can buy one at Don Quixote on Kokusai Street.


You must wear a life jacket when snorkeling. So you need to have enough money to rent a life jacket too (¥500≒USD 4.77).


Maybe you won’t snorkel, but you will want goggles to take a peek underwater.

<Things that come in handy>

Motion sickness medicine


The boat shakes a lot.
If you’re worried, it would be best to take the medicine.

There are enough for 6-9 sessions for about¥700 (USD 6.67), so split it with your friends.

Eco-friendly shampoo and soap

You cannot use regular soap due to environment conservation. Have a eco-friendly soap with you.

Underwater camera


When you see the beautiful ocean, you will want to take a picture.
These days, you can get cheap digital cameras at around ¥10,000~¥19,999 (USD 95.34~USD 190.67). Or you can get a disposable one.
(Available at shop stands on Nagannu Island)

<Things we don’t need>

Picnic sheets

We rented chairs, so we didn’t sit on the sand. It hurts anyways because there are corals in the sand… (Although it would be useful to store your luggage!)

Beach ball

The sand contains corals, so it hurts to walk on it barefoot.
Also, the beach is not that big. (Most of it is covered with parasols)

<Things you cannot bring>

Food, drinks/Animals

This is for reducing garbage and protect the environment of the island.
(It is said that all garbage collected on the island is brought back to Naha everyday)


【10】Summary/For those planning to go

Picking the seat on the boat

The boat shook a lot both ways, but on the way back we sat on the second row from the front on the inside and it was much better.
We think it shakes more in the back seat.
The handle bar on the front seat was a bit far away, so people had trouble keeping their balance.


Either way, it’s just five hours.
If you are worried, just take some motion sickness medicine.


Transparency of the ocean


It’s beautiful but it varies depending on the weather.
The weather was rough in the day before our visit. It seemed a bit clouded at times.


Local fee

  • Food
    About¥1000(USD9.53) if lunch is separate, if you buy drinks there, you will want¥100~¥300 (USD 0.95~USD 2.86) more
  • Life jacket rental
    (Even if you bring your own snorkel set, you need to wear a life jacket. ¥500 (USD 4.77) per jacket. You can save money if you and your friends take turns.
  • Parasol or rest cottage
    (¥2500 (USD 23.84) for a parasol + 2 chairs. The cottage costs ¥5000 (USD 47.67) per day.


If you throw in some activities, expect to spend a few thousand more.
So, if you have about ¥3000~¥5000 (USD 28.60~USD 47.67) per person, you won’t have to worry about much.



We really enjoyed our stays in Nagganu Islands.
The shaky boat ride, the tropical fish, the painful coral we stepped on, these are all good memories now.


You can visit Nagannu Island in a day, so check it out!

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