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The Travel Tips for Enjoying the Okinawa in December!


Winter is coming up. Like other part of Japan’s region, Okinawa has four distinct seasons, including winter…
As a matter of fact, December is the one of the best times to go!

This page is dedicated to present our recommended winter spots, as well as the highlights and important events during December in Okinawa.

Furthermore, since you can swim during December in Okinawa, we have included information on diving and snorkeling, temperature and precipitation, and recommended attire for your reference.

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【Travel Tips】 What to Wear for Okinawa Winter Trip

okinawa winter clothes

Okinawa has short winters.
Even in January through February when it’s coldest, the average temperature is 17℃ (62.6°F).
There are many warmer days where temperatures exceeding 20℃ (68°F) are not uncommon.
However, strong ocean winds can make it feel colder and choosing the right clothes is difficult.

Here is some advice on the right clothing for you to enjoy your winter travel in Okinawa. We hope you find the information helpful.

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Summary of All the 13 Airports in Okinawa!


Did you know that there are 13 airports (excluding US military facilities) in Okinawa including airports on remote islands?

If you are planning to visit one of these remote islands, you should know about the airports there.

So, today, we will introduce all the airports in Okinawa!

Some remote islands can be accessed by air and ocean while some can only be reached by air or ocean.We will cover them as well!

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Satisfaction Ranking Top Eight! – Luxury Hotels in Okinawa


For trips to Okinawa, don’t we all want to stay in a luxurious hotel just once?

It is a moment of pure bliss to be able to enjoy Okinawa’s beautiful ocean, and the easy-paced life of the southern islands in a luxury hotel.

As we introduce eight of the best hotels in Okinawa, we will be ranking them in terms of guest satisfaction based on reviews and pricing.
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Best Five Breathtaking-view Oceans and Ocean-view Cafes!


Okinawa is synonymous with the sea.

It’s said that the reason why Okinawa’s seas shine a pretty emerald blue is because the white sand that coral reefs make reflects the sunlight and ocean currents, starting with the Kuroshio, wash away contamination.

Even knowing that Okinawa’s seas are beautiful, there are lots of people who worry themselves about which places have spectacular ocean views.

For such people, we’re going to introduce five spots with spectacular ocean views, as well as five cafés where you can enjoy the sea.

We’d be glad if you made this article a reference for enjoying Okinawa’s seas even more.

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10 resort hotels with amazing pool in Okinawa! – good for family with children –

ラグナガーデンホテルIf you choose the resort hotel, your priority will be “pool”.

You can choose your desired hotels like “for kids” and “available only for pool in use” from various selections in Okinawa Main Island.

This article will introduce 10 popular resort hotels which enriches pool facility. Please enjoy summer in Okinawa in pool!

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Okinawa summer time! Recommended Place and what to do in July!


In July, Okinawa tourist season will be coming with strong sunshine.
You may wonder how to travel Okinawa during the tourist season.

This article will cover “the selected spot” which you can enjoy Okinawa in July.
The spot includes “Okinawa mail Island”, “Ishigaki Island”, “Miyako Island” and other isolated islands.

The information will help you understand what to do in Okinawa during the tourist season.

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10 Places to Go for a Drive in Okinawa: Spots and Advice

okinawa-drive-spot-image01In this article, we describe 10 spots that are only accessible by car, and currently being popular through word of mouth.
We also added an introduction of traffic conditions and rules in Okinawa that you should keep in mind.
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Surprising beauty! 14 Okinawan Sunset Spots!

Okinawan Sunset

When experiencing the setting sun on an island, there is a different beauty from that found in the middle of a city.
Especially in Okinawa, the wide expanse of the sea and sky, growing gradually orange in color is a deeply moving sight.

This time we will be introducing some carefully selected and organized spots for a superb sunset, which we would love for you to see.
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