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Publication date: 2016/08/18



A characteristic of Miyako soba is the toppings are placed under the noodles rather than on top.
This time, we would like to introduce you to some carefully selected and delicious Miyako soba restaurants on Miyako island and on Okinawa’s main island.

We will explain the difference between Miyako soba and Okinawa soba.
We have collected some useful information on Miyako soba.

1. Four carefully selected Miyako soba restaurants on Miyako Island

Koja Soba-ya: A Miyako soba restaurant with an extensive history


Koja Seimen, a Miyako soba noodle business, was established in 1932.
The business boasts over 80 years of noodle making history and tradition.
The restaurant opened by Koja Seimen is, in fact, Koja Soba-ya.
Its pork base gives it a light flavor that is popular among many of its customers.

We recommend the Soba set. You get Miyako soba, Jushi (Okinawan style seasoned rice), a side dish, mozuku seaweed, pickles and a drink all for 750 yen!

Photo Credit by Koja Soba-ya

・Miyako-soba 550 yen
・Soki-soba 700 yen
・Jyusi 120 yen

【Koja Soba-ya】
Address: Hirarashimozato 1517-1 Miyakojima, Okinawa 906-0013 Japan (10 minutes from Miyako Airport by car)
TEL: 0980-72-8304
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~20:00 ※Store closes occasionally.


Maruyoshi Shokudo: This is it! Authentic Miyako Soba

Maruyoshi Shokudo offers traditional Miyako soba, which has its toppings hidden under the noodles.
Initially, you might be surprised at first glance because there is only diced green onion on top.
The soup is made from pork and has a noticeable garlic flavor. The “Brown Sugar Ice Candy” dessert is extremely popular.

・Miyako-soba Large 450 yen
・Soki-soba 650 yen

【Maruyoshi Shokudo】
Address: Gusukubeuruka 975 Miyakojima, Okinawa 906-0108 Japan
TEL: 0980-77-4211
Opening Hours: 10:30~18:00 (it will close at 20:00 during the summer time)※Store closes occasionally.

Jinku-ya: A store run by a noodle making company

Photo Credit by Jinku-ya

Jinku-ya is a soba noodle restaurant run by the Hisamatsu Soba Making Shop.
It is located right next to the Shimozato Public Market and is frequented by locals.
The Miyako soba is very delicious, but the yakisoba (fried noodles) made using the soba noodles is also very popular.
The “Chahan set” which comes with Miyako soba and fried rice, is only 550 yen! It is recommended if you value volume.

・Miyako-soba 450 yen
・Soki-soba 700 yen

Address: Hirarashimozato 84 Miyakojima, Okinawa 906-0013 Japan
TEL: 0980-73-4017
Opening Hours: 11:30~18:00

Daiwa Shokudo: Very Popular Soba Restaurant

A restaurant of long standing, in business since 1965.
The Miyako soba here is also served traditionally with the toppings hidden beneath the noodles.
The store has become popular thanks to the gentle flavor of its broth, which is made from dried bonito flakes.
There is also curry powder available as an additional topping.
Among the Miyako soba dishes, the vegetable soba is popular (600 yen).
Loaded with a stir fry of meat and vegetables, it is full of nutrients, delicious, and a its rare find considering its reasonable price.

・Miyako-soba small 400 yen large 450 yen
・Soki-soba 600 yen

【Daiwa Shokudo】
Address: Hiraranishizato 819-3 Miyakojima, Okinawa 906-0012 Japan
TEL: 0980-72-0718
Opening Hours: 9:30~20:00

Miyako Soba Map

2. Other places on Miyako Island where you can eat Miyako soba

Miyako Airport

ぱいぱいのむらPhoto Credit By Pai Pai no Mura

In Miyako Airport on the second floor, you can eat Miyako soba at a restaurant called “Pai Pai no Mura”.
Even at Okinawa’s famous hamburger restaurant, A&W, in Miyako Airport, you can enjoy some Miyako soba.
Its a convenient place where you can even access Wi-Fi, so if you are interested, definitely check it out!


Actually, a lot of Izakayas (Japanese bars) also have Miyako soba on the menu.
Lightly flavored Miyako soba noodles are perfect for balancing out a menu.
Miyako soba noodles are also delicious when fried, so some menus include Miyako soba fried noodles as well.

3. What are Miyako soba noodles?

The difference between Miyako soba, Okinawa soba, Soki soba and Yaeyama soba

Miyako soba, Okinawa soba, Soki soba… There are several different types of soba noodles, so sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between them.

Miyako Soba

古謝そば屋Photo Credit by Koja Soba-ya

When thinking of Okinawa soba, we tend to picture wavy noodles, but a notable feature of Miyako soba is that the noodles are thin and the soup has a light flavor.
The toppings are the same as what is served on Okinawa Island, three slices of meat and a piece of steamed fish paste.
In the past, one of the main features was that the toppings were always placed under the noodles to hide them from view.
By doing so, there would appear to be only soup and noodles with diced green onion on top in the bowl.

Lately, many places put the toppings on top the way they do on Okinawa’s main island.
However, there are still shops that sell it in the traditional style.

Okinawa Soba


*Okinawa Soba is Okinawa’s traditional noodle.
*In this article, that means “the soba you typically eat on Okinawa’s main island”.
The noodles are thick and wavy and the soup is made using pork bones and bonito flakes.

Soki Soba


The word “soki” means “pork rib” in the Okinawan dialect.
Rather than three slices of meat, Soki soba is served with a piece of meat still on the bone.
It is usually slightly more expensive than Okinawa soba.

Yaeyama and Ishigaki Soba

Ishigaki Soba is the soba noodle which you can eat on Ishigaki island.
It’s main characteristics are thin, round noodles that aren’t wavy at all, a faintly sweet soup, and thinly sliced meat and a piece of steamed fish paste for toppings.

Delicious ways to eat Miyako soba


The traditional seasonings for Miyako soba are the three listed below!
・Curry Powder
・Okinawan “Snow” Salt
・Koregusu (Island peppers pickled in Awamori liquor)

The first recommendation, Curry powder, is specifically for Miyako Soba.
In the older shops, it is always on the table.
If you add a little bit, it tastes almost like curry udon!
Many people eat the first half how it is and add curry to the second half.

Then, there is the “Snow” salt popular as a souvenir, which is also often on the table.
If you find some on your table, definitely give it a try!

4. Carefully selected restaurants on the main island where you can eat Miyako soba


Doraemon is a Miyako soba restaurant of long standing on Kokusai street that serves traditional Miyako soba.

・ Miyako-soba 550 yen
・Soki-soba 700 yen
・Jyusi 120 yen

Address: Kumoji 3-2-17 Naha, Okinawa 900-0015 Japan
TEL: 098-862-3525
Opening Hours: 11:00~23:00

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