Basic Information When You Do Car Rental in Naha Area!


Publication date: 2016/08/20



The most common mode of transportation when traveling around Okinawa is the rental car.

But it isn’t always clear how and where to rent.
We will recommend some rental car companies and give you some advice on how to get the most for your money.

This is a must-read for a sensible, smooth vacation!

1.General Information about Rental car

a.How to Reserve a Rental Car

On tours, rental cars often come as a set, or else arrangements are made for you. Prices can vary, so you’ll need to confirm your options.

If a specific rental car company is not provided, we suggest reviewing prices and availability on a rental car comparison site.

Below, you’ll find two rental car comparison sites that we often use. Don’t miss out on the deals you can get during their campaigns.

Okinawa Tour Land


This is an Okinawa website portal run by Pam Inc.

Because it is a company that is based in Okinawa, they have lots of information. Aside from rental cars, you’ll find information on tours, hotels, and much, much more.

They are known for their rich array of rental car plans, regardless of the season. Find year-end and new year plans, plans for traveling women, and more.


This is an rental car comparison and reservation website run by White Bear Family Inc.
You can compare 17 rental car companies within Okinawa. Pick ups and returns are possible even on your day of booking.

And what’s more: If you are a registered member of a rental car company, you can apply for discounted service through your company.

Many major rental car companies have an outlet in Okinawa, so why not check your options.

Toyota Rental Lease Okinawa
Nippon Rental Car
ORIX Rental Car

2.Three Ways to Rental a Car Reasonably!

2-1.Using the Rental Car Menber Service

If you are a legally registered member of a rental car company, you may receive a number of services.
Allow us to present to you some benefits for members of rental car companies.

Nippon Rental Car(Super Red Member)

-5% off basic fees
-Another 5% off when you book online
-Collect ANA and T points
-And more!

OTS Rental Car

-5~71% off with your member privileges
-And more!

Paradice Rental Car

-Turn 1% of your fee into points for your next booking.
-Quicker reception with “Quick Start Service”
-22 great presents for use in Okinawa
-And more!

It’s still a deal if you do not plan on renting again, so why not check your options.

3-2.Using the Rental Car Discounted Service in Credit Card

You may also obtain discounts from your credit card company.

-Get a 5% discount at Toyota Rentacar and Nippon Rentacar with your JCB card
-Get a 5% discount at Orix, Toyota, Nissan, and Nippon Rentacar with your American Express card

So why not check out your credit card privileges and get a deal on renting a car!

3-3.Using the JAF Card Discounted Service

There are even more preferential service deals if you are JAF card holder.

Get 28% off basic fees on budget rental cars and more great discounts on interest rates.

Get 2~3 yen off per liter (8~12 yen per gallon) when you fill up at a gas station, which is preferential treatment that really helps you save in the long run.

3.Introduction of Rental Car Company

We’ve put together a list for you to consult regarding the details and costs of most rental car companies.

Nippon Rental Car

nippon レンタカー

This rental car company is expanding across Japan.
It has many outlets, including one in front of the government offices in Naha and others around town. They also have an outlet at T-Galleria.
Those who plan to stay overnight in Naha will easily find a nearby outlet.

They also take late flights into account. Those arriving from the hours of 8 to 11:59 p.m. can get service, making it that much more convenient.
(*Returns are until 8:00 p.m.)

Referable Price:JPY 5,200~(privileged occasion not included)*Applying for WEB
Conpact Class(Fit,Demio, March, swift etc…)

Naha Department

Address:Nishi 1-19-1 Naha, Okinawa 900-0036 Japan
Opening Hours:8:00~20:00

Okinawa Prefectual Office Department

Address:Parret Mokuji 1F Kumoji 1-1-1 Naha, Okinawa 900-0015 Japan
Opening Hours:8:00~20:00

Naha Airport -Banyan- Department

Address:Onoyamacho 46 Naha, Okinawa 900-0026 Japan
Opening Hours:8:00~20:00

Naha Airport Department

Address:Kagamizu 438 Naha, Okinawa 901-0142 Japan
Opening Hours:8:00~20:00

Okinawa DFS Department

Address:Omoromachi 4-1 Naha, Okinawa 900-0006 Japan (DFS Garallia Okinawa)
Opening Hours:9:00~20:00

b.OTS Rental Car


This company is run by Okinawa Tourist Services.
They have four outlets in Naha, which can be found at the airport, Tomarin, DFS, and in Tsubogawa.
Providing a number of options for pick ups and drop offs, they are a useful rental car company that meets the needs of their customers.

You may book up to an hour in advance of use.

You’ll find a number of types of cars to choose from: basic (standard), eco-friendly (hybrid), RVs, station wagons, light vans… Choose according to your needs.

They also offer more luxurious cars, such as Vellfires and Pink Crowns, for their premium class.

OTS Rental Car HP

Referable Price:JPY 972~(privileged occasion not included)
※S class car(Fit etc…) *The price applied for early term (40 days) discount

Rinku Toyosaki Department(Naha Airport)

Address:Toyosaki 3-37 Tomigusuku, Okinawa 901-0225 Japan
Opening Hours:8:00~19:00

Tomarin Department

Address:Tomarin 1F Maejima 3-25-1 Naha, Okinawa 900-0016 Japan
Opening Hours:8:00~19:00

Okinawa DFS Department

Address:Omoromachi 4-1 Naha, Okinawa 900-0006 Japan (DFS Entrance)
Opening Hours:9:00~19:00

Tsubogawa Station Department

Address:Tsubogawa 3-3-19 Naha, Okinawa 900-0025 Japan
Opening Hours:8:00~19:00

c.J Net Rental Car / Sky Rental Car


This rental car company is also expanding across Japan.
Sky Rent A Car belongs to the J-net Rent@Car Group.

You’ll notice that these companies often have their outlets right next to each other.
They have a rich array of services that are affiliated with airlines.
Sky Mark: Get 500 yen off when you show you boarding pass.
JAL: Collect JAL mileage when you use a rental car (*This is limited to select plans)

This is a rental car company that will leave you with a winning feeling.

A large number of outlets adds to their appeal. They’ve opened five outlets in Naha alone.

Referable Price:JPN 2,052~(privileged occasion not included)
※1,000~1,300cc(J2 Class) 【Limited Edition】Price Applied for FM Trance Mitter attached MusicPlan!

SKY Naha Airport Department

住所:Gushi 1-23-8 Naha, Okinawa 901-0146 Japan
Opening Hours:08:00~20:00

Naha Airport Department

Address:Gushi 3-25-17 Naha, Okinawa 901-0146 Japan
Opening Hours:08:00~20:00

Naha Department

Address:Kume 2-6-16 Naha, Okinawa 900-0033 Japan
Opening Hours:08:00~20:00

Naha Makishi Department

Address:NO.2 Wako Mansion Makishi 2-16-19 Naha, Okinawa 900-0013 Japan
Opening Hours:08:00~20:00

J Net Rental Car SKY・DFS Garallia Department

Address:Omoromachi 4-1 Naha, Okinawa 900-0006 Japan (DFS 2F)
Opening Hours:09:00~20:00

d.Paradice Rental Car


This is a rental car company that is particular to Okinawa. It is run by WBF Resort Okinawa Co., Ltd.

Pick ups and returns can be made at either the airport outlet or the Aeon Oroku outlet, which is connected to Oroku Station.
The Aeon Oroku outlet is open until 10:00 p.m., so even you are arriving late to Naha, you will still be able to rent a car.

One wonderful thing about this company is that you can book up to an hour in advance of use.

Referable Price:JPY 820~(privileged occasion not included)
※Light Class(ek custom・move custom etc…) *Applying for Web

Naha Airport Department

Adderss:Sky Lane 1F Gushi 875 Naha, Okinawa 901-0146 Japan
Opening Hours:8:00~19:00 (Opens All Year Around)

Aeon Naha Department

Address:AEON naha, East side elevater hall 5th floor, Kanagusuku 5-10-2 Naha, Okinawa 901-0155 Japan
Opening Hours:10:00~22:00 (Opens All Year Around)

e.ABC Rental Car

This is a rental car company that is particular to Okinawa. It is run by ABC Service, Inc.

Here you can rent Okinawa’s first Harley-Davidson trike rentals with a standard driver’s license.

Choose from a rich array of light trucks, buses, and fifteen types of standard cars.

As with Paradise Rent-A-Car, they service all flights arriving at Naha Airport.
Those arriving on late night or early morning flights can book with ease.

Referable Price:JPY 1,620~(privileged occasion not included)
S class ~1300CC (March, Demio, Fit etc…)*Applying for Web
ABC Rental Car HP

Naha Airport Department
Adderss:Tabaru 1-17-9 Naha, Okinawa 901-0156 Japan
Opening Hours:8:00~20:00(※Acceptable all of the airplanes except for Vanilla Air)

4.Useful Knowledge of Rental Car in Okianwa!

a.The Flow of the day when you rent a car

There is no rental car counter at the airport.
After arriving by shuttle bus at the outlet near the airport, you may start your booking.
You are responsible for getting yourself to the shuttle bus boarding area.


(*Click to zoom)

Please see the map above.
This shows you how to get from Naha Airport’s arrivals gate to the rental car shuttle bus.

The arrivals gate will differ depending on your airline.
Remember to exit the building first to get to the rental car shuttle bus boarding area.
You will find staff nearby the sign or flag of the rental car company you booked with. Give them your name.

Once confirmed, you can head to the outlet on the shuttle bus.

b.Driving Bus Lane is againt the law!


Transportation in Naha primarily consists of cars. However, there are bus lanes throughout the city so as to ensure smooth service on public transportation buses.

Please be careful not to drive in a bus lane as it is considered a traffic violation.

Do not enter a bus lane, even in heavy traffic, if you find a sign indicating such a lane!

We hope you enjoyed this useful information for renting a car in Naha.
Please obey traffic laws and enjoy driving through Okinawa!

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