Sesoko Island ~Fascinating Remote Island which is accessible from Naha!


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One of the appeals of Okinawa’s main island is that you can travel between islands by car.

Prominent among these is Sesoko Island, for the clearness of the water and the whiteness of its beaches.

We are going to go over plenty of information about the marine sports, activities, and cafes you can enjoy in Sesoko Island, as well as how to get around and access these locations.

With such gorgeous scenery and clear water, you won’t want to wait to visit!

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1. Photographic guide to the charm of Sesoko Island!
2. The Beaches of Sesoko Island: Enjoying the Beautiful Sea
2-1. The Best of Sesoko Island: Sesoko Beach!
2-2. Other Beaches on the Island : Anchi-hama and Lovers’ Beach
3. Cafes on Sesoko Island: Recommendations
4. Sesoko Island Access
5. Afterword

1. Photographic guide to the charm of Sesoko Island!


Sesoko Island is an isolated island with a circumference of 8 km(4.97 mi).

With a length of 762 m(0.47 mi), this island is really popular with tourist every year because they can freely enjoy their stay in there.



Crossing the Sesoko Bridge in a car, the island’s natural bounty comes into view.
The bright green, sparkling clear sea stretches out on each side.



Most of the tourists come for Sesoko Beach.

There is a common misunderstanding that Sesoko Island and Sesoko Beach refer to the same thing, but Sesoko Beach is the coastline on the island’s western side, stretching 800m(0.49 mi).



You can rarely see the beauty of this ocean.



Stock Photo – Photo Library

Sesoko Island is also famous as a perfect spot for the sunset!

2. The Beaches of Sesoko Island: Enjoying the Beautiful Sea

2-1. The Best of Sesoko Island: Sesoko Beach!


Sesoko Island is known for its smooth white sand beaches!

As another attraction, it features the clearest water on Okinawa’s main island.

Enjoy swimming to your heart’s content in the water, which varies in color from blue to emerald green.



This beach features friendly lifeguards.
Families with young children can be at ease letting them play in the ocean under their watch.



Tacchu (Mount Gusuku) of Iejima is visible from the beach, lending a sense of *Yanbaru’s atmosphere.
*Yanbaru is the northern region of Okinawa, rich in natural forests and mountains.

There’s nothing better than beholding Iejima tinged in the light of the setting sun, at ease and immersed in the beautiful scenery.
A single day spent at Sesoko Island is not enough!



In addition, Sesoko Beach is full of activities. For details, visit the individual shops’ pages.
Sesoko Beach Marine Club
Address:Sesoko 73 Kunigamigun Motobucho, Okinawa 905-0227 Japan
~Main Activities~
*Banana Boat/ Biscuit
*Jet Ski
*Sea Walker

Ocean Style
Address: Sesoko 5750 Kunigamigun Motobucho, Okinawa 905-0227 Japan
~Main Activities~
*Banana Boat
*Jet Ski
*U Boat
※Combination of each activity is available.

<Sesoko Beach・Beach Counter>

<Sesoko Beach・Administration Office>

・Access and Parking Lot Information
Address: Sesoko Kunigamigun Motobucho, Okinawa 905-0227 Japan
Parking Lots:Paid Parking Lots Available(200 spots)※JPN 1,000 Yen(≒USD 9.60) per one parking lot


2.2 Other Beaches on the Island : Anchi-hama


Take an immediate left after crossing the Sesoko Bridge, go down the hill facing the sea and enter another world!
This is a true paradise in which you can fully experience the ocean.

Swim rings, sea kayaks, parasols, snorkels, and goggles are all available for rent, or you can enjoy yourself without them.
The beach is also complete with facilities such as showers and stands. Please stop by if you have any chances.

*If the sea is rough at Sesoko Beach, it will be calm at Anchi-hama. Conversely, if Anchi-hama is rough, it will be calm at Sesoko Beach. Be sure to check conditions and choose a beach accordingly.

<Anti Beach>
Address: Sesoko 2631 Kunigamigun Motobucho, Okinawa 905-0227 Japan

Other Beaches on the Island : Lovers’ Beach

This time, take the second left after crossing Sesoko Bridge. Descend the slope and before long Lovers’ Beach will come into view.

This is a small beach, but there are often so few people it feels like a private one!
With plenty of coral and tropical fish like clownfish, snorkeling here is highly recommended!
Parking the car is fine if the parking space is available.

3. Cafes on Sesoko Island: Our Recommendations

1. A Hideaway: Cafe UKAKUA


Faint aromas waft on the refreshing breeze at this cafe, whose extensive menu includes brown sugar hamburgers and sweets.
You can have your meal on the terrace, which has a great view.


If you are really hungry, the Keema curry is plenty to eat and children’s lunches are available as well. Satisfy your appetite in solace.
Address:Sesoko 2281-1 Kunigamigun Motobucho, Okinawa 905-0227 Japan
Opening Hours :11:30 till sunset
Closing Days : Every Tuesday(If Tuesday is national holiday, Wednesday will be closed. )
Parking Lots : five spots available (Free)

2. Escape from the Heat in this Quiet Cafe : fuu cafe

hoo cafeイメージ

Have your fill of dishes made with home-grown organic herbs and vegetables from Yanbaru.

The extensive menu includes pasta and lunches made with vegetables picked the same day. Why not stop in and let time slowly slip by?

fuu cafe
Address: Sesoko 557 Kunigamigun Motobucho, Okinawa 905-0227 Japan
Opening Hours:11:00 till sunset
Closing Days:Wednesday and Thursday
Parking Lots:20 spots available (Free)

4. Sesoko Island Access

For general access to Sesoko Island, it is typical to rent a car and take the highway from Naha Airport.

【Access by Rental Car】
Go north on the highway until reaching Kyoda Interchange. After leaving the highway, head towards Motobu, where the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is located, and follow National Highway 449 with the sea on your left. Sesoko Bridge will appear on your left, cross it to arrive on Sesoko Island. (Travel Time: Approx. 2 hours)

【Access by Bus】
A two-hour trip from Naha Terminal to Nago Terminal, followed by a 30-minute connection from Nago Terminal to Motobu.
The bus from Motobu then takes about 15 minutes. Total travel time is about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Given the two options, we recommend taking a rental car.


瀬底大橋Stock Photo – Photo Library

The real enjoyment of a trip to Okinawa is being able to look out over the ocean while on an exhilarating drive.
Definitely give driving Sesoko Bridge in a rental car a try!
*Note: Parking on the bridge is forbidden.


5. Afterword


Well, how was it?
Pictures are one thing, but seeing the scenery with your own eyes is truly moving.

If you’re taking the time to visit Okinawa, why not combine Sesoko Beach, one of Okinawa’s best, and the superb view of Sesoko Bridge?

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