privacy policy


We recognize that our customers have an expectation of privacy and security regarding their affairs. We are committed to carrying out the following policies in the protection of personal information.
(1)We use, collect, and retain customer personal information legally and fairly and use personal information for work-related purpose only, such as transferring to our partner companies to arrange or provide tours and/or services as necessary.
We may use your information to
①provide our partner companies’ products, services, and campaign information.
②ask to give us your opinion or review after your tours.
③ask to fill out our questionnaires.
④provide our special offers.
⑤collect statistical data.

(2)The information we collect is name, age, gender, phone number, country, Email and other information which are minimum necessary to run our tours and services.

(3) We may not establish your tour contract without your agreement about (2) which is collection of your personal information. We may also not be able to arrange your tours or services without your agreement.

(4)We only provide your information in electronic form to our partner companies such as activity providers, bus companies, etc. as necessary to arrange and provide tours and/or services.

(5) In the case where you request us to disclose and/or delete, eliminate, correct personal information that has been kept by us and if you request us to stop providing your personal information to the third parties, we will comply with the request. After receiving your request, we will take the legal procedure immediately. If it is not possible to meet your request partially or all, we will explain the reason clearly.

(6)In the case of leaking personal information or occurring other problems, we immediately stop using the system which problems occurred and announce officially on our website what happened.
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